SQL Server Training

Courses Outline-SQl Server

Installing and Configuring SQL Server

  • Install SQL Server 2008.
  • Configure SQL Server 2008 instances and databases.
  • Configure SQL Server security
  • Configure linked servers by using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • Implement database mirroring
  • Implement log shipping
  • Manage database snapshots.

Supporting Data Consumers

  • Retrieve data to support ad hoc and recurring queries
  • Manipulate relational data
  • Manage XML data
  • Implement an HTTP endpoint
  • Implement Service Broker components
  • Import and export data from a file
  • Manage replication.

Maintaining Databases

  • Implement and maintain SQL Server Agent jobs
  • Manage databases by using Transact-SQL
  • Back up a database
  • Restore a database
  • Move a database between servers

Creating and Implementing Database Objects

  • Implement a table
  • Implement a view
  • Implement triggers
  • Implement functions
  • Implement stored procedures
  • Implement constraints
  • Implement indexes
  • Create user-defined types
  • Implement a full-text search.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting-

SQL Server Performance

  • Gather performance and optimisation data by using the SQL Server Profiler
  • Performance and optimisation of data by using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Monitor and resolve blocks and deadlocks
  • Diagnose and resolve database server errors
  • Monitor SQL Server Agent job history
  • Gather performance and optimisation data by using DMVs.

Duration: 1 Month
Career Option: DBA

Pre-requisites Students attending this MS SQL Server training course should have basic knowledge of Query Language.