Manual Accounting Training in Nepal

Manual Accounting Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 15 Days
Career: Accountant
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Manual Accounting Training in Nepal

Broadway offers manual accounting training in Nepal considering the conventional accounting method that is in practice in most of the organizations. The training covers important aspects of manual accounting such as journal and ledger preparation, recording accounting transactions, receivables and payables management and so on. After the training, the students are able to undertake basic accounting tasks and can apply for entry-level accounting jobs.

As accounting profession has become one of the most sought after professions in Nepal, the number of trainees registering for accounting training is increasing remarkably in every training session at Broadway Infosys Nepal. Thus, we recommend the interested individuals to inquire about the manual accounting training course with our team anytime. Please leave a message on our inquiry form or Facebook page or simply call us anytime during office hours. We look forward to welcoming you t o our upcoming session of Manual Accounting Training in Nepal.


Benefits of Manual Accounting Training in Nepal

  • Demand of accountants are high in modern world
  • Softwares like Tally are dominating the Accounting field in Nepal
  • Job opportunities in various national as well as international companies

Benefits of Manual Accounting Training at Broadway Infosys 

  • Understand basic concepts of accounting
  • Learn the most common accounting methods, rules, and processes
  • Understand ways to manage revenue and expenses
  • Learn receivables and payables management
  • Understand recording and reporting accounting transactions
  • Learn to develop final account (balance sheet, income statement and so on)
  • Learn assets and liabilities classification and management
  • Understand taxation principles and practices in Nepalese scenario
  • Project work as per real world manual accounting practices
  • Highly experienced accounting professionals as trainers
  • Fully career-oriented training designed as per market need
  • Availability of enough training materials
  • Regular practical classes on accounting and taxation
  • Internship/Placement opportunity for deserving trainees  at reputed organizations
  • Value added knowledge of accounting standards in Nepalese context
  • Affordable and reasonable cost of training
  • Special discounts for needy and deserving students

Manual Accounting Training in Nepal - Outlines

    • Accounting – Definition
    • Purpose of Accounting
    • Accounting Process
  • Accounting Terms

    • Liability
    • Equity
    • Net worth
    • Capital
    • Revenue
    • Expenses/Costs
    • Loss
    • Proprietor/Owner
    • Drawings
    • Goods
    • (Trade) Debtor
    • (Trade) Creditor
    • Transaction
    • Events
    • Entry
    • Entity
  • Accounting Records
  • Source Documents

    • Journal
    • Ledger
    • Goods:
    • Discount:
  • Classification of Expenses
  • Classification of Incomes

    • Operating
    • Non-operating
  • Classification of Asset On the basis of Tangibility

    • Tangible Assets
    • Intangible Assets
    • Fictitious Assets
  • On the basis of Reliability

    • Realizable Assets
    • Non-realizable assets
  • For Balance Sheet Purpose

    • Fixed Assets
    • Current Assets
  • Classification of Liabilities On the basis of source

    • Owners' Fund
    • Other liabilities
  • For Balance Sheet purpose

    • Long-Term Liabilities
    • Current Liabilities
  • Systems of Accounting

    • Double Entry System
    • Single Entry System
  • Basis of Accounting

    • Cash Basis of Accounting
    • Accrual Basis / Mercantile Basis of Accounting
  • Journal: Rules of Journalizing / Rules of DEBIT and Credit

    • Personal Accounts
    • Real accounts
    • Nominal Accounts
  • The Rules of Debit and Credit

    • Rules based on the accounting equation
    • Specimen or ruling of the Journal
    • Journal Entries
    • Simple Journal Entry
    • Compound Journal Entry
    • Method of depreciation with example
    • Method of closing stock valuation
    • Method and methodology of bank reconciliation statement
  • Practical (Project)

    • Journal Entry
    • Day Book Entry
    • Ledger Posting
    • Ledger Totaling
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit & Loss Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Closing Stock Valuation
    • Tax,TDS & VAT
    • e-VAT (vat return)
    • income tax return
    • Method of income tax provisions
    • annualized method of estimated tax  provisions
    • Prepare all necessary documents for auditing

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