Advanced Excel Training in Nepal

Basic and Advanced Microsoft Excel Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1 Month
Career: Excel Analyst
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Advanced MS-Excel Training in Nepal

Advance MS-Excel Training course is targeted for data analysts, business managers, accountants, research scientists, students and other professionals for enhancing their analytical skills and strategic decision making ability. The course aims to make trainees familiar with advance MS-Excel features that are useful in performing complex business operations and overall management functions.

Course Highlights

  • Familiarity with advance features and functions of MS- Excel spreadsheet
  • Learning complex calculation and data analysis process using  various MS-Excel tools
  • Practical knowledge on using advance MS-Excel features in business environments
  • Project Work

Syllabus Outline

  • Introduction to advance MS-Excel features
  • Understanding  of conditional statements and  formulas for conditional formatting
  • Understanding practical implications of Pivot Tables, Charts and Macro operations
  • Learning advance Excel functions for data analysis and solving complex problems
  • Advance financial calculations
  • Working with Macros

Please reach out to us anytime via email, online forms, our social media pages or telephone to ensure your seat for upcoming Advance Excel training session. Our Excel instructors are excited to provide this special Excel training to you and your friends.


Benefits of Advanced Excel Training in Nepal

  • High demand of data analysts
  • Data-oriented individuals are given more attention to details
  • Future of data analysts is always on the rise
  • Chances to work in international companies

Benefits of Advanced Excel Training at Broadway Infosys 

We have designed the course after assessing the genuine need of Advance Excel training in Nepal. The key benefits of pursuing Advance Excel course at Broadway are:

  • Experts with decade of experience as instructors
  • Availability of Excel certifications
  • Placement opportunity for deserving trainees
  • Career opportunity as data analysts, data entry operators, accountants and so on
  • Sufficient training resources
  • Regular practical classes to implement Advance Excel skills in real work scenario

Advanced Excel Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Customizing the Excel Working Environment

    • Set file properties
    • Define custom properties
    • Add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customize the Ribbon
    • Change default number of worksheets, fonts and default view in the workbook
    • Protect Workbook
    • Protect Sheet
    • Set a password for a workbook
    • Saving a worksheet as a PDF file
  • Essential Worksheet Operation

    • Creating a new workbook is a straightforward process
    • Rename a worksheet
    • Copy a worksheet to another workbook
    • Change the order of worksheets in a workbook
    • Hide a worksheet
    • Unhide a worksheet
    • Make a sheet very hidden
    • Delete a worksheet
    • Change a row's height or column's width
    • Insert a column or row
    • Delete a column or row
    • Hide a column or row
    • Unhide a column or row
    • Insert a cell
    • Delete a cell
    • Move a group of cells to a new location
    • Zoom in or out to a specific zoom level
    • Change to another open workbook
    • Arrange all open workbooks in the program window
    • Display copies of the same workbook
    • Activate a worksheet
    • Change the color of a sheet tab
    • Create a hyperlink
    • Edit a hyperlink
    • Delete a hyperlink
    • Comparing sheets side by side
    • Splitting the worksheet window into panes
    • Keeping the titles in view by freezing panes
  • Working with Data

    • Entering data automatically with autofill
    • Selecting Ranges
    • Selecting special types of cells
    • Placing Information into multiple cells simultaneously
    • Check spelling
    • Using AutoCorrect for shorthand data entry
    • Hiding or grouping rows and columns
    • Entering numbers with fractions
    • Formatting numbers
    • Formatting numbers using the Format Cells dialogue box
    • Changing text alignment
    • Create a name using name dialogue box
    • Create a named range from a selection
    • Display the Name Manager
    • Edit a named range
    • Working with dates and time
    • Pasting in special ways
    • Performing mathematical operations without formulas
    • Skipping blanks when pasting
    • Transposing a range
    • Paste Link
  • Exploring Excel Database Feature

    • Sort a data list
    • Sort a data list by values in multiple columns
    • Add a sorting level
    • Delete a sorting level
    • Sort worksheet data by a custom list of values
    • Organize worksheet data into groups
    • Show and hide levels of detail in a grouped data list
    • Remove grouping levels from a data list
    • Apply a filter to a worksheet
    • Clear a filter
    • Display the top or bottom values in a column
    • Create a custom filter
    • Special Filter for Dates, Text, and Numbers
    • Advanced Filter
    • Calculating formulas across worksheets
    • Import data from an external source
  • Data Table

    • Create a data table
    • Changing the Look of a Table
    • Add new rows or columns
    • Setting table options
    • Removing duplicate rows from a table
    • Multiple-column sorting
    • Converting a table back to a range
  • Data Validations

    • Data Validation
    • Create a validation rule
    • Dynamic Validation List
  • Conditional Formatting

    • Creating Formats on the basis of Data
    • Setting rules for Conditional formats
    • Using multiple Formatting
    • Removing or clearing Formatting
  • Creating Dynamic Lists with PivotTables

    • Display data bars in one or more cells
    • Display a color scale in one or more cells
    • Display icon sets in one or more cells
    • Apply a conditional format to a cell
    • Edit a conditional formatting rule
    • Delete a conditional formatting rule
    • Create a PivotTable from a data list
    • Pivot a PivotTable
    • Show or hide the PivotTable Field List task pane
    • Rename a PivotTable
    • Control how and where subtotals and grand totals appear in your PivotTable
    • Change the PivotTable summary function
    • Filter a PivotTable
    • Apply a number format to a PivotTable
    • Apply a conditional format to a PivotTable
    • Create a new PivotTable style
    • Apply a PivotTable Style to a PivotTable
    • Consolidate data with Pivot Table
    • Change Pivot Table Calculations
    • Make manual calculation in Pivot Table
    • Setting Geographical data in 3D map
  • Analyzing Alternative Data Sets

    • Using auditing to diagram
    • Using Evaluation in Excel
    • Working with Goal Seek
    • Predict data and generating Visual Forecast sheet
    • Using Scenarios in formula
  • Printing

    • Printing row and column titles
    • Scaling printed output
    • Force Excel to print using a specific number of pages
    • Printing cell gridlines
    • Change the order in which worksheets print
    • Print part of a worksheet
    • Center material on the printed page
    • Print a chart
    • Add a header or footer to a worksheet
    • Create an Auto Header
    • Add an image to a header or footer
    • Format an image in a header or footer
  • Formulas and Functions

    • Basic principles of using functions and formula
    • Practice with Basic calculations
    • Creating Reference and absolute cells in using Formula
    • Building links among the cells
    • Practice with various Formulas and Functions
    • Nested functions in creating advance formulas
    • Tricks and techniques of using multiple formulas for returning desired output
  • Collaborating with Colleagues

    • Add a comment to a cell
    • Edit a comment
    • Delete a comment
    • Adding Comments to Cells
    • Changing a comment’s shape
    • Printing Comments
  • Creating Charts and Graphics

    • Create a chart
    • Choosing Chart types
    • Change how Excel plots your data
    • Remove a series from an axis
    • Add a series to an axis
    • Move a chart to its own worksheet
    • Apply a Chart Style to a chart
    • Apply a different layout to a chart
    • Change the appearance of a chart's gridlines
    • Select a chart element for formatting
    • Select a data point in a series
    • Format a chart element
    • Save a chart as a chart template
    • Add a trendline to a chart
    • Create a PivotChart
    • Change the chart type of a chart or PivotChart
    • Setting Geographical data in 3D map
  • Advanced Excel Skills
  • Macros

    • Understanding macros
    • Recording macros
    • Running and editing macros
    • Assigning macros to buttons
  • Excel Tips and Tricks
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Using Excel keyboard shortcuts
  • Formatting Tips

    • Using conditional formatting
    • Formatting numbers and dates
    • Formatting text
  • Efficiency Tips

    • Using Excel templates
    • Using Excel tables
    • Using named ranges
    • Using data validation
  • Customization

    • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customizing the Ribbon
    • Customizing Excel options
Upcoming Class Schedule
16 Jun 2024 06:30 AM - 08:00 AM
30 Jun 2024 06:30 AM - 08:00 AM
07 Jul 2024 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM

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