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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training in Nepal


Artificial Intelligence (AI), also referred to as machine intelligence, seems more and more like a portal to a revolution as each day goes by. The revolution, where Siri and Cortana might speak for human rights and civilization as well as serving advises which would best ours.

However, it is up to the generations to come and cultivate the seeds of powerful/efficient AI tools and techs. Broadway Infosys has launched the Artificial Intelligence Training in Nepal with the same vision in mind to empower Nepalese manpower and experts in the field. Profitable AI courses in Nepal are very limited. Broadway being one the very best IT establishments in the country will help you see through the weight. We run our classes with very trusted and professional experts, who provide guidance on theoretical and practical knowledge as well as share their experience and challenges in the work field. This course gives any individual an excellent view of developing artificial intelligence.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Training in Nepal

AI training in Nepal rewards an individual with the following talents

  • Provides the variety of scope and job roles such as computer programmer, Robotics, software engineer etc.
  • Applications of AI assets in fields like education, healthcare, finance, aviation and marketing etc.
  • Learn to create productive tools such as smart reply, autonomous driving, toxicity detection, mitosis detection etc.
  • Learn to understand tenser flow algorithms.
  • Provides depth knowledge about neural networks and robot locomotion.
  • Gives creativity and the intelligence a great boost.


Benefits of Artificial Training at Broadway Infosys

One careful choice you make gives a bigger picture. So, here are the reasons why choosing Broadway is a careful choice.

  • A chance to learn from highly experienced professional experts.
  • Tools and technologies equipped are by far advanced.
  • Provides the course at the reasonable price
  • Scholarships available for deserving /students.
  • Guaranteed internship for deserving students after completing the training
  • Regular assignments are given to test the capability of a student.
  • Counseling is offered in order to keep students encouraged.
  • Opportunity to be a part of a friendly learning environment.
  • Project Work at the end of training session


Pre-requisites for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training

Candidates aspiring to be AI developers are required to have knowledge of the algorithm and basic mathematics. Further, an individual having interest in modern technology has an additional advantage. Nonetheless, Broadway admires anybody who wants to have a career in deep learning and welcomes them to take the training.

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