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ASP.NET Training in Nepal

Broadway introduces ASP.NET training in Nepal with an objective to adopt new methodology to produce competent .NET programmers. This course is designed by individuals having in-depth programming expertise and are always seeking for influential IT training in Nepal. Therefore, ASP.NET training in Nepal has been a perfect project for our instructors as well as IT enthusiasts of our nation. ASP.NET is an object-oriented application development framework which is currently gaining popularity in Nepal. The IT professionals and students who are familiar with object-oriented programming relatively find .Net an easy framework to learn.

Benefits of ASP.NET training in Nepal

ASP.NET Training is vital and beneficial for the following reasons:

  •  Developer experience across widely varying types of applications, such as Windows-based applications and Web-based applications.
  • Ability to build all the communication on industry standards.
  • Makes an individual familiar with the development of dynamic websites.
  • There is an increasing demand for ASP.NET developers.
  • Ability to pursue a career in high paying companies or industries,
  • Helps to understand the scalability aspects of large websites and portals.
  • Enhances developers’ productivity.

Broadway offers ASP.NET training in Nepal under professionally trained instructor and above all in a friendly and interactive environment. Therefore, there is no second thought required in reserving your seat at the earliest for upcoming ASP.NET training classes.

Benefits of ASP.NET Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

Students attending ASP.NET training under our facility can obtain the following benefits:

  • Professional developing experts as an instructor.
  • Availability of online training for students having a hectic schedule.
  • Availability of training session at a reasonable cost.
  • Deserving students are offered with a scholarship.
  • Regular project work to test students learning the process.
  • Interaction with field experts.
  • Guaranteed Internship and job placement opportunities.

Asp.Net Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Web Application Development with ASP.NET

    Server-Side Programming Concepts

    • Static vs. Dynamic Web Applications
    • Overview of HTML and Scripting
    • Formatting Tags
    • Using Styles
    • Form Tags
    • Basic JavaScript
    • User Interaction
    • Input Validation
    • DHTML
  • Overview of the Microsoft .NET Framework

    • Understand the basic architecture of a Web application
    • Introduction to the .NET Framework
    • Overview of ASP.NET
    • key features of ASP.NET
    • Contrast the use of IIS vs. the Visual Studio development Web server
    • Structure of an ASP.NET page
    • Using HTML Server Controls
    • Managing Events
    • Page Navigation
  • State Management

    • Using Session State
    • ViewState
    • Application State
    • Query String
    • Cookies
    • Using MasterPage To Create Consistent pages
    • User Controls And Custom Controls
    • Using Javascript in ASP.NET Application
    • Using Css In Asp.NET
    • Themes
  • Globalization And Localization In ASP.NET

    • Globalization Using Resource
    • Globalization Using XML Resource
  • Configuring and Deploying ASP.NET Applications

    • Configuring IIS and the .NET Framework
    • Deploying ASP.NET Applications
  • Working with Web Forms Controls and C#

    • Introduction to Web Forms Controls
    • Simple Input Controls
    • HyperLinks
    • Button Controls
    • List Controls
    • Image Controls
    • Placeholders and LiteralControls
    • Uploader Control
  • Validating User Input with C#

    • Overview of ASP.NET Validation Controls
    • Client-Side Validation
    • Server-Side Validation
    • Using Validator Controls
  • Using Rich Server Controls

    • Introduction to Rich Controls
    • The Calendar Control
    • The AdRotator Control
    • The XML Control
  • Using ASP.NET DATA Controls

    • Using DataList Control
    • Using Details View Control
    • Using FormView Control
    • Using ListView Control
    • Creating a Repeater Control
    • Introduction to the DataGrid
    • Setting Up the DataGrid
    • Using Advanced DataGrid Features
    • Adding Advanced Features
  • Entity Framework

    • Introduction Of Entity Framework
    • Implementing Inheritance
    • Implementing Associations
    • Understanding Database First, Code First, Model First
    • Implementing Database First
    • Implementing Model First
    • Implementing Code First
    • Code First Migration
    • LINQ Expressions
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Working with Stored Procedures
    • All types of Join queries
    • Aggregate Functions
  • Navigation In ASP.NET

    • Menu Control
    • TreeView Control
    • MultiView And View Controls
    • Working With ASP.NET Handler


  • TroubleShooting And Error Handeling

    • Debugging in Asp.NET
    • Error Handeling in ASP.NET
  • Improving Performance with Caching

    • The Importance of Caching
    • Declarative Page Output Caching
    • Programmatic Page Caching
    • Using XML in ASP.NET
    • The System.XML Namespace
    • Read, Write and Delete Operation in XML

    • Concept Of AJAX
    • Using XMLHttp in ASP.NET
    • Web Methods implementation
    • Using ScriptManager And UpdatePanel IN ASP.NET
    • Introduction to AjaxControlToolkit
    • Usign Ajax Extender Controls



    • ADO.NET Concepts
    • Connection String and Database Connection
    • Select ,Insert, Update, Delete Operation
    • DataSets and DataTables
    • Parameter
    • Making data modifications
    • Transactions
    • Using Stored Procedures


  • Reporting With ASP.NET

    • Import and Export in GridView
    • Printing in Asp.NET
    • Concept Of Crystal Report
    • Report Designing and Format in Crystal report
    • Formula Fields and Writing Formula in crystal
    • Creating Advance Report using Crystal Report
  • Email

    • Send Email With CC And BCC
    • Send Email With Attachment

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