Broadway Infosys Nepal: OUR CONCERN

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Broadway Infosys Nepal: Our Concern

Investing in properties and luxurious lifestyle has been a growing trend which we do especially focusing for the betterment and security of our current or future generation

Today, we need to break this tradition of focusing only on piling up properties for our children. Rather we need to focus on investing in their education, in their training and development, in their growth which is possible through investment of our very precious thing in life. Our TIME ! Our time will reflect our concern for them.

As guardians, we need to take out some of our time to talk with our children, take a walk with them, have fun together, cook dinner together, plan surprises together and get to know and understand each other. Get to know their interests. Let’s not put our dreams in their eyes. Let them see and find their own. And invest to let them be more efficient to grab a wonderful career.

So, let’s stop reassuring our children for not to worry because we will be leaving enough properties and assets as a backup for their future. Let’s start boosting and motivating them to be independent, confident, patient, ambitious, courageous and SKILLED. Skill will help anyone to grow. So let’ invest in identifying and nurturing that skill for the overall development and betterment of our children.


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