5 reasons to learn React JS in 2019

5 reasons to learn React JS in 2019

Facebook, Instagram and the community of engineers maintain React Js which is a big shot Javascript framework. It is used for many purposes among them building user interface is a prime one. It also helps to develop large application programs without having to reload the page. React has also become a popular choice to develop native mobile apps, command line interfaces and is growing in popularity day by day. Enough reason for programming climate to shift over to React JS, isn’t it?

Anyways, the question is will React take over JS community in 2019? Well, we cannot say it for sure, as you know technology is the most dynamic phenomenon out there. However here are five reasons why React JS has the power to rule the industry in 2019 and why it is turning out to be the leading JavaScript frameworks able to create more buzz in coming days.

1. Popular Choice

The popularity of React is bouncing higher every year. 2019 is probably the year it will reach its peak. Many Java developers are preferring the efficiency of this framework over other JS frameworks. As it boosts productivity, increases accuracy, ensures fast rendering and performs functions that are endeared by any users.

2. Simplicity at its best

Any Javascript developer can easily get an insight into the basics of Reacts JS making it super easy to master. One can also develop a web application within a few days of struggle with its tutorials and docs. It is a simple yet very convincing framework that goes all in on one task and performs it very well.

3. Backed by powerful companies

Many powerful tech companies, for instance, Facebook, Instagram are using React influencing many other online business companies to do the same. There’s a high chance of React developers to easily get employed. And it gives one an opportunity to exploit the React community to their benefit. No wonder React is going to be a very preferable choice in 2019.

4. Quality support network

The React community has grown significantly in the last few years, at present,  there is expert support to be found across various online forums. Since it’s development in 2011, React has touched the heart of millions of programmers with its ability to reuse components. therefore, 2019 has the possibility to become the era of React framework

5. SEO friendly

Compared to any other Javascript framework React is recognized to be much more SEO friendly framework. And as we know, SEO is a ruler of digital marketing, React being SEO friendly has the potential to take the market among Java developers.

In conclusion, React framework has got support, capacity and potential to rule the industry in 2019. There will be more enhancements apart from the ones mentioned above which will offer extensive value and advantage. However, the question mark remains that whether if it’s going to live up to the expectations of programmers worldwide. You are free to drop your thoughts and concerns.

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