IT Career in Nepal & Counseling Procedure at Broadway Infosys

Information technology (IT) has without a doubt command the world to become easy for everyone. Technology has made the huge impact on our daily life to advance science and research programs. As a matter of fact, the outrageous growth of IT in different sectors such as business, gaming, biotech, media and scientific research is a proof that the impact made by technology has set the stage for countless opportunities among novice and IT professionals. The infinite opportunities have simultaneously appraised the competition of the market as well. Consequently, one requires upgrading their former knowledge and prevailing with their opponents in order to grasp those opportunities. The confusion and misconception regarding IT career in Nepal and beyond requires a whole lot of clear direction.  Thus, it can only be done with the help of proper guidelines and career orientation.


About Broadway Infosys Nepal

As a leading IT service and training provider i.e. Broadway Infosys Nepal, we deliver career focused and job oriented training programs like Web designing, Javascript, PHP, Stata and WordPress training in Nepal. However, our training courses are not running on a whim. We provide necessary lecture classes where our professional IT experts share their views, merits and experience while they were out working on their real-world projects. We believe that these classes will help us to interact with our students and counsel the ones who are having a tough time choosing their respective IT path. Likewise, we provide career counsel in order to determine the pluses and minuses of the students who are new to IT and seeking to enroll in our institution.

Also, our counselors are experienced professionals having the large network in big IT companies of Nepal. So students are guaranteed internship upon the completion of the training sessions. Some of the few excellent students even gets the opportunities of full-time placement.


Essence of IT Career Counseling to the Aspiring Students and Professionals

Career counseling is a cornerstone for the student’s future as the market for IT in Nepal has produced eternal career opportunities and job placements over past few years. An individual who is studying IT can have many branches to choose his/her fruit from, for instance, anybody who is learning IT can work as computer game developer, business analyst and information architect. As a result, students perceive dilemma because they are uncertain about what they want their future self to become. This is a case where career counseling makes a huge impact as counselors aid the students in obtaining their interest.

Broadway offers effective counseling to an individual with an attempt to deliver a booming message which could help in enlightening their academic and professional career. Our institution has been blessed with best counselors considering their ability to elaborate the benefits and drawbacks of any job role to the students in a friendly and persuading manner.


Our methods for offering quality counseling for quality IT career

Our counselors came up with an organized approach through surveys, research and data analysis in different IT companies of Nepal. The effort they put into this project has finally emerged. The counseling project is segmented into two parts first being counseling for beginners and second being counseling for professionals.

  • Counseling for beginners

For any novice, our counselors suggest them to take a baby step at a time by learning to program using HTML, CSS and Javascript etc. However, for those who hate programming, they are simply introduced to the basic concept of hardware networking.

  • Counseling for professionals

Professionals are counseled to pick their job roles and career path according to the talents they bear. Those having remarkable programming knowledge are directed to become the software developer or web designer and on the contrary, those who have excellent knowledge of hardware parts and networking are proposed to augment as the system engineer or network administrator.