Building Design & Construction Package Training in Nepal

AutoCAD, Estimating Costing, ETABS / SAP, & Google SketchUp Training

Duration: 3.5 Months
Career: Building Designer
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Building Design & Construction Package Training in Nepal

For aspiring civil engineers, drafters, architects, designers, and contractors, Broadway Infosys presents Building Design & Construction Training Package in Nepal!

Having the idea for all tasks that need to be completed by professionals in the engineering-related tasks is a must in the current world. Likewise, with the demand for aforementioned ever-increasing, the scope for such professionals are bound to be high! If you are looking to gain knowledge to have a successful career in the aforementioned fields, Broadway Infosys heartily welcomes you to the Building Design & Construction Training Package!

Benefits of Building Design & Construction Training Package in Nepal

As is mentioned earlier, the candidates who want to pursue a successful career in the engineering field need to, mandatorily take this course. However, you may ask, what are the benefits of taking this package in Nepal. Here they are:

  • Opportunities to boost your portfolio massively
  • Looking into details and understanding the recent trends in designing and construction fields
  • Chances to develop unique and effective skills for a successful career
  • High demand for fresher as well as experienced construction specialist
  • Chances to work for popular companies

Benefits of Building Design & Construction Training Package at Broadway Infosys

Broadway Infosys has designed the course content of Building Design & Construction Package while keeping in mind the wholesome support that it presents to professionals. However, you may want to know the benefits of taking Building Design & Construction Training Package at Broadway Infosys. Here they are:

  • Particularly designed lessons to improve the abilities of personnel who are focusing their career in the designing and construction field
  • Industry-certified instructors with real-life experience
  • Opportunities to share and gain knowledge with field experts
  • Post-completion of the course, opportunities for internship and job placement

Huge emphasis on practical classes keeping in mind the real-life scenario

Building Design & Construction Package Training - Outlines
  • AutoCAD: Introduction

    • History of AutoCAD
    • 2D Interface, TitleBar, MenuBar, Ribbon, ToolBar, WorkspaceBar, ViewCube, NavigationBar, Ucsicon, Cross Hair& Pick Box, Auto Snap marker size, BackgroundColour, Command Bar, Status Bar, LayoutTab, Model Tab.
  • Getting Started with AutoCAD

    • Unit Setting
    • Specifying Points & Selection Set
    • Zoom, Pan, Regenerating Model
  • Drawing Command

    • Line, Polyline, Multiline, Construction line, Ray, Spline, Rectangle, Polygon, Circle, Arc, Ellipse.
  • Modify Command

    • Erase, Copy, Move, Offset, Rotate, Mirror, Array, Stretch, Scale, Trim, Extend, Lengthen, Join, Fillet, Chamfer
    • Break, Explode.
  • Other Command

    • Hatch & Gradient
    • Block definition
    • Boundary Creation
    • Divide
    • Match properties
    • Text
    • View
    • Redraw
    • DIMStyle
    • WBLOCK
    • Group
    • Qsave
    • Zoom
    • Pan
    • Insert
    • Pedit
  • Inserting Block and Other External Files

    • Working with Block
    • Working with OLE Object
    • Working with Photo
  • Layers

    • Introduction
    • Properties of Object
    • The properties Toolbar
    • The Layer Toolbar
    • Creating New Layer
  • Text Setting

    • Adjusting Text Height in drawing
    • Creating New Test Style
    • Writing, Editing and Moving Text
    • Enclosed text with object
  • Table Setting

    • Inserting Table
    • Working with table
  • Dimension Setting

    • Creating New Dimension Style
    • Dimensioning
  • Printing the drawing:

    • Multiple view setup
    • Printing the drawing
  • Tutorial Practice for all command

    Building drawing practice for full architectural drawing) (Virtual Project plan)

    • A Complete Building floor plan
    • A Complete Building elevation
    • A Complete Building section
    • Building Site plan & location plan
    • Opening schedule
    • Print scale for municipal drawing
  • Structural drawing practice basic

    • Isolated Footing plans
    • Sections
    • Reinforcement details
  • For Advance course

    For municipality full drawing:

    • Building Classes:
      • A Class
      • B Class
      • C Class
    • Land Measurement Method
      • Direct method
      • Indirect method
      • Plotting in AutoCAD
  • Virtual project plan + Real project plan

  • Architectural drawing details

    • Layout method of building in land
    • A complete Building floor plan (Ground floor, First floor………)
    • A complete Building Elevation (North elevation, South elevation….)
    • A complete Building Section (In X-X dirn,Y-Y dirn )
    • Site plan Details & Location plan Details
    • Opening schedule details
  • MRT (Mandatory rule of thumb) for structural design

  • Structural drawing details

    • Trench & footing layout plan & section
    • Beam & column layout plan & section
    • Slab plan & section
    • Staircase plan & section
    • Water tank plan & section
  • Vastushastra & Theory of Relativity for Sweet Home

  • Exam Conduction for quality evaluation

  • Online Register system in Municipality

  • Projects

    • VIRTUAL PROJECT - Residential
    • REAL PROJECT - Residential
  • Estimating and Costing
  • Estimating & Costing (Residential & Commercial Building)

    • Introduction
    • Method of estimation
    • Purpose of estimating
    • Advantage of estimating
    • Quantity estimate & Cost estimate
      • Architectural work
      • Structural work
      • Sanitary work
      • Electrical work
  • Rate Analysis

    • Introduction
    • Dividing & subdividing of Particulars(Items)
    • Particulars (Items) rate
    • The District rate
    • Mason rate
    • Labour rate
    • Tools & plant rate
    • Analysis for concrete works (M15, M20, M20)
    • Analysis for brick works (4.5’’ brick work, 7’’brick work,9’’ brick work)
    • Analysis for plaster works (External & Internal)
    • Analysis for flooring works (Tile, marble, granite)
  • Valuation & Tender documents

    • Introduction
    • Purposes of valuation
    • Importance of valuation
    • Methods of valuation
      • Rental method of valuation
      • Direct comparison with the capital value
      • Valuation based on profit
      • Valuation based on cost
    • Development method of valuation
    • Depreciation method of valuation
    • Tender document preparation & e-bidding

  • ETABS / SAP (RCC + Steel Structure Analysis)
  • RCC Basic Course: Introduction to RCC Structure Modeling, Analysis, Design.

  • Classes of building (CLASS A, CLASS B, CLASS C, CLASS D)

  • Study of Various Design Code of RCC Structure.

  • Introduction of ETABS

    • Overview of ETABS
    • Getting Help
    • Templates & Defaults
    • Graphical User Interface
    • ETABS Screen Menus
    • Unit System
    • Co-ordinate System
  • Modeling of Residential & Commercial Building

    • Starting a Model
    • New model Quick Templates
    • Grid System Data
    • Add Structural Aspects
    • Edit Stories & Grid Systems
    • Add Grid at Selected Joints
    • Grid options
    • Save the Model
  • Edit Properties

    • Duplicate
    • Extrude
      • Extrude joints to frames
      • Extrude frame to shells
    • Merge joints
    • Align Joints / Frames / Shells
    • Move Joints/Frames/Shells
    • Edit Frames
    • Edit Shells
  • Defining properties

    • Material Properties, Section properties, Load pattern, Shell Uniform Load Sets
    • Load Cases
    • Load Combinations
  • Structural Objects

    • Draw grids, draw dimension lines, draw joint objects, draw beam/column/brace objects, draw floor /Wall Objects, draw reference points, draw reference planes, draw stack walls.
  • Selection Properties

    • Select, Deselect, Inverse selection.
  • Assign

    • Joint, Frame, Shell, Joint Objects, Frame Loads, Shell Loads
  • Analysis

    • Residential & Commercial Building
    • RCC building with various structural components (Isolated footing, Column, Beam, Slab, Staircase)
  • Design

    Design of Various structural components

    • Extract and Design of Footing, Column, Beam, Slab, Staircase.
    • Excel sheet design for Typical Structural Components.
  • Report Preparation: Procedure


  • For Advance Course

  • All Basic Course

  • Modeling, Analysis, Design & Report of other Structural Components

    • Shear wall, Retaining wall
    • Basic course of Steel Structure:
      • Steel Deck Slab system.
      • Steel truss structure system.
  • Structural Drawing Preparation from support of Report, code, MRT


  • Projects

    • Commercial Shopping Complex - 7 Storey
    • Residential Building - 2.5 Storey
  • Google SketchUp Master Course Content
  • Introduction

    • Installing SketchUp Starting SketchUp for the first time
    • Using the exercise files
    • Tips for Mac users
  • Getting to Know the Interface

    • Interface basics
    • Adding toolbars
    • Navigating
    • Changing perspective
    • Walking around
    • Creating camera views
    • Shading faces and edges
    • Creating shadows and fog
    • Creating Scenes
    • Setting preferences 
  • Manipulating Objects

    • Selecting and moving objects
    • Scaling and rotating objects
    • Manipulating faces and edges
    • Advanced selection tools 
  • Drawing

    • Line tool fundamentals
    • Refining objects with the Line tool
    • Using the Rectangle tool
    • Pushing and pulling faces into 3D
    • Creating circles and polygons
    • Creating arcs
    • Using the Offset tool to create outlines
    • Using the Follow-Me tool
    • Softening round edges
    • Creating 3D text 
  • Measuring and Labeling

    • Using the Tape Measure tool
    • Using the Protractor tool
    • Creating text labels
    • Using the Dimension tool
    • Creating sections 
  • Working with Components

    • The Component window
    • Creating components
    • Using the 3D Warehouse
    • Importing from Google Earth
    • Using the Interact tool
    • Using the Component Options window
  • Organizing Scenes

    • Grouping objects
    • Working with layers
    • Creating layers
    • Using the Outliner
    • Hiding and unhiding objects
    • Locking and unlocking objects 
  • Creating Textures and Materials

    • Using the Materials Browser on a Mac
    • Applying materials
    • Editing materials
    • Creating materials
    • Adjusting materials
    • Applying bitmap images
    • Mapping curved objects
    • Projecting maps on curved objects
    • Importing floor plans
    • Modeling with floor plans
    • Rendering and Animating
    • Outputting 2D bitmaps
    • Basic animation
    • Advanced animation
  • Creating Terrain Using Sandbox

    • Creating terrain from contours
    • Modeling objects with contours
    • Creating terrain from scratch
    • Sculpting with the Smoove tool
    • Stamping and draping objects on the terrain
  • Using Photo Match and Google Earth

    • Geolocation with Google Maps
    • Using Photo Match to align cameras
    • Modeling in Photo Match
  • SketchUp Pro: Working with the Solid Tools

    • Creating solids
    • Using Boolean operations (Union, Intersect, Subtract)
    • Working with Trim and Split
    • Creating outer shells
  • Project Classes

  • SketchUp Pro: Importing and Exporting

    • Importing objects from AutoCAD
    • Importing other 3D objects
    • Exporting objects

    • Modeling of modern residential building
    • Modeling of Classical Bungalow
    • Modeling of landscape of terrain
    • Interior modeling
    • Exterior & Interior render using V-ray

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