Program Host - Interview Specialist

Job Type

Full Time

Job Level

Entry Level

Offered Salary



Jun 23, 2024

Deadline to Apply

23rd July, 2024


We are seeking a dynamic and engaging Program Host to lead our interview segments. The ideal candidate will have a passion for storytelling, an ability to connect with a diverse range of personalities, and the skill to elicit compelling stories and insights from guests. This role involves conducting in-depth interviews, hosting live and recorded programs, and contributing to the overall production and editorial direction of our content.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Host Interviews: Conduct live and recorded interviews with a wide range of guests, including celebrities, experts, industry leaders, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, startups, and everyday individuals with interesting stories. We may need to visit guests' locations to conduct interviews.

  • Online Interviews: Not only should you conduct interviews in studios, but you also need to conduct interviews online using tools such as Zoom and Teams to accommodate international guests like CEOs, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups.

  • Research and Preparation: Thoroughly research guests and topics to prepare insightful and engaging questions.

  • Content Creation: Collaborate with producers and the editorial team to develop interview themes, segment ideas, and promotional content.

  • On-Air Presence: Maintain a captivating and professional on-air presence, ensuring interviews are engaging and informative.

  • Audience Engagement: Interact with the audience through various channels, including social media, live events, and Q&A sessions.

  • Technical Coordination: Work with the production team to ensure all technical aspects of the program are smoothly executed, including sound checks, lighting, and recording.

  • Post-Interview Follow-Up: Participate in the post-production process, including reviewing and providing feedback on edited segments.

  • Brand Representation: Represent the brand at public events, conferences, and other media appearances as needed.


  • Experience: Minimum of 1+ years of experience in broadcasting, journalism, or a related field.

  • Skills: Exceptional interviewing, public speaking, and storytelling skills. Ability to handle live broadcasts and unforeseen situations with professionalism.

  • Research Ability: Strong research skills to prepare for interviews and understand complex topics.

  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with broadcasting equipment and software, as well as basic editing skills.

  • Interpersonal Skills: Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to connect with guests and audiences from diverse backgrounds.

  • Flexibility: Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate live programming schedules and guest availability.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Education: Degree in Journalism, Communications, Broadcasting, or a related field.

  • Networking: Established a network within the industry for securing high-profile interviews.

  • Multilingual: Proficiency in multiple languages is a plus.

  • Digital Media Skills: Experience with social media platforms, podcasting, and other digital media formats.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit the following:

  • A resume highlighting relevant experience.

  • A cover letter explaining why you are the perfect fit for this role.

  • A portfolio or links to previous work, including interview segments, podcasts, or other relevant content.


  • Competitive salary and benefits package.

  • Opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

  • A dynamic and supportive work environment.

How to Apply:

Please send your application materials to [email protected] or [email protected]