Python Django Instructor

Job Type

Full Time

Job Level

Mid Level

Offered Salary



Jul 01, 2024

Deadline to Apply

31st July, 2024

Job Specification

  • Education Level:   Bachelor in a related field.

  • Experience Required:   More than or equal to 2 years

Other Specification

  • Python (Basic, Strings, Lists/Dictionary/Tuples, Modules/Packages, Functions, OOP, Database,Regex, DateTime, Numpy, File handling, Python Notebook, Django, Requests, Exception, Generators/Decorators, GUI Modules…)

  • Understanding of Web development framework and Python and the Django framework with ORM concept.

  • Knowledge of HTML, JS, AJAX, Jquery, HTTP, XML, JSON, CSV, CSS

  • Providing necessary support, script files, links as notes, and reference materials

  • Conducting real-world applications with Python/Django as the final Project.

  • Familiarity with version control systems like svn and git

  • Knowledge of object-oriented design and development, design patterns

  • Creating a proper schedule and structure for the course

  • Good understanding of the operating system and networking concepts.

  • Familiarizing with code efficiency in developing a wide range of applications using Python

Job Responsibilities:

  • Instructing Python and Django to fresh students

  • Prepare a lesson plan to teach all students

  • Create a friendly environment where students can understand each other and also manage and monitor student behavior.

  • Assist students in theoretical as well as practical through the application of courses

  • Design and develop the appropriate instructional samples so that students can take them as references

  • Proper presentation of all the relevant materials as well as topics

  • Make sure that all students can perform as much as, if not more than, the instructor themselves.

  • Testing the students’ knowledge in a timely manner and integrating special lesson plans with the core academic curriculum.

  • Helping/Guiding students with logic implementations, general script/applications programming

In order to apply, please email your latest and updated CV at:
[email protected]