Python with AI Intern

Job Type

Part Time

Job Level

Entry Level

Offered Salary



Nov 06, 2023

Deadline to Apply

6th December, 2023

Position Overview: We're creating an innovative NLP system powered by transformer models like GPT to handle diverse customer inquiries. Our goal is to revolutionize digital interactions by shifting data control to individuals, and enhancing privacy. We're seeking a trailblazer in machine learning, NLP, and APIs for this transformative journey. Our innovation promises limitless potential, reshaping digital interfaces for enhanced personalization, privacy, and user agency.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Convert text into numbers to understand its meaning better.
  • Use tools for Natural Language Processing to make similar words appear close in meaning.
  • Simplify complex text data for faster processing.
  • Measure how similar different pieces of text are for better search and organization.
  • Help chatbots interact with users, provide context-based responses, and understand language nuances.
  • Use pre-trained tools to teach chatbots new words and meanings.
  • Work closely with web developers to find ways to add NLP to web applications.


  • Studying Computer Science, Data Science, ML, AI, or a related field.
  • Basic understanding of Python, Natural Language Processing and Generative AI
  • Excellent communication skills and an Upper-Intermediate level of English to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Desirable Qualifications: (But not essential)

  • Familiarity with machine learning frameworks and libraries, such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.
  • Experience with text vectorization techniques, including Word2Vec, Gensim, BERT, or similar
  • Prior experience or exposure to chatbot development and implementation.
  • A proactive approach to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in NLP, AI, and related fields.
  • Basic knowledge of web development technologies (e.g., HTML, JavaScript, CSS).

Technology Stack: Python v3

Working Hours: Least 40 hours per week

Contract Duration:6 months

Interested candidates are requested to send their latest and updated CV at:
[email protected]