Python with Artificial Intelligence Instructor

Job Type

Full Time

Job Level

Senior Level


Broadway Infosys Nepal


Tinkune, Kathmandu

Offered Salary



Sep 22, 2022

Deadline to Apply

18th March, 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Strong background with Deep Learning Neural Networks (ANN, CNN, RNN, GAN,) and ability to share the knowledge with students.
  • Strong background with Machine Learning Algorithms (Linear regression, Logistic regression, SVM, K-nearest neighbor, Naïve Bayes etc.) and ability to share the knowledge with students.
  • Strong background in image processing.
  • Familiarity with Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch,, Open-CV and other different frameworks and create different high end projects with students.
  • Should use pandas, numpy, matplotlib, sklearn, spacy etc while doing projects with students.
  • Very strong background in Python Programming Language.    
  • Familiarity with neuro-linguistic programming and ability to share the knowledge with students.
  • Familiarity with code versioning tools like Git and Front-End Technology
  • Strong background in programming or system analysis.
  • Sharing of the scope of Python Language in correspondence to Artificial Intelligence
  • Familiarity with the knowledge of mathematics applied to data science and artificial intelligence

Job Description:


  • Preparation of student-friendly syllabus in order to commence smooth classes
  • Presentation of theoretical as well as practical approaches of Artificial Intelligence
  • Sharing of knowledge in both AI and Python to students
  • Thorough preparation of the examination-like environment
  • Regular class tests and respective attention to students
  • Should have excellent communication skills with fluent English
  • Creating a proper schedule and structure for the course
  • Testing the students’ knowledge in a timely manner
  • Providing necessary support, script files, links as notes, and reference materials
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms, OOPs, Databases.
  • Knowledge of HTML, JS, AJAX, Jquery, HTTP, XML, JSON, CSV, CSS
  • Knowledge of object-oriented design and development, design patterns

Interested candidates are requested to send their latest CV along with a Cover Letter at:
[email protected]