Video Editing Instructor

Job Type

Full Time

Job Level

Mid Level

Offered Salary



Jul 13, 2023

Deadline to Apply

13th August, 2023

Job Specifications

  • Responsible for delivering lessons on video editing software, how to import, organize, and edit video footage, apply effects, transitions, and audio enhancements, and export the final edited video.
  • Should be proficient in these tools and capable of demonstrating various features, functions, and workflows. Instructors design and develop a curriculum that covers the fundamentals and advanced aspects of video editing.
  • Create lesson plans, assignments, and projects to help students gain hands-on experience and improve their skills.
  • Review and provide feedback on students' work, offering constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.
  • Guide students through the editing process, helping them troubleshoot issues and overcome challenges.
  • Guide students through the entire video editing process, from initial concept development to final delivery.
  • Should teach project management skills, including organization, file management, and efficient workflow strategies.
  • Continuously update their knowledge and skills in video editing to stay current with the latest industry trends, software updates, and new techniques.
  • Providing guidance and mentorship to students interested in pursuing a career in video editing.
  • Advice on building a portfolio, networking, job opportunities, and freelancing in the industry.

Interested candidates are requested to send their latest and updated CV at:
[email protected]