Auto-CAD Training in Nepal 2D/3D Visualization Training

Auto-CAD Training

Our AutoCAD mentor teams consist of the professional AutoCAD users who are working on a CAD based outsourcing practice, working for various clients across the globe including Australia and UK. We at Broadway, not only teach you to be a cad monkeys but also train about the building standards, drawing principles and drawing techniques to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We are aware of the updates and upgrades on the latest version of the software and so we train our students accordingly.

Educational Background:

Students with any educational background can learn AutoCAD. AutoCAD is fundamental software for everyone who needs drawings or 3D visualization. This software is widely popular among Architects, Civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, Aeronautical engineers and Interior designers; however it is also being used by Fashion designers, Carpenters and plumbers. This is a must learn software for anyone who has to deal with drawings or visualization on their profession.

Why Auto-CAD Training

  • Fundamental software for drawings and 3D Visualization
  • Meets all your requirement for any kind of drawings
  • Saves your time, effort and money
  • Easy to edit, reuse and amend
  • Most used drafting software in the whole world
  • More than 5 million users world wide
  • Easy and convenient interface screen
  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Single platform can be used by different professionals from different fields
  • No limitations of drawing size

Duration: 1.5 Months
Career Option : CAD Designer

Courses Outline- AUto-CAD 2D/3D

2D Drawing Construction

  • Loading AutoCAD, Screen Organization
  • Entering AutoCAD Commands, Menus, Command Line, Function Keys
  • Coordinate System, entering, distance and angles
  • Basic drawing commands: (point, line, arc, circle, polygon, ellipse, donut, pline)
  • Starting a new drawing, naming and saving, ending session, ray, multiline, sketch

Drawing Aids in Auto CAD:

  • Units limits, status, snap, grid, ortho, rotated snap, osnap and options.
  • Blipmode, use of function keys layers, right click customization
  • Managing drawing files (end, save quit, files rename)

Drawing tools in Auto CAD:

  • Help, undo and u, redo, point, filters
  • Display commands: Zoom, pan, redraw, redrawall, regen, regenall, regenauto,
  • view, viewers
  • Calculator /Geometric Calculator

Modifying commands in AutoCAD

  • Erase, offset, oops, copy, scale array, move, break, trim, fillet, chamfer, mirror,
  • rotate, pedit, select, pdsize, pdmode, (point style), setvar, stretch extend, use of
  • grips, change, chdrop, explode, divide, match property

Getting information in AutoCAD:

  • ID, dist, area, list, dblist, status, time
  • Fine tuning drawings in AutoCAD:
  • Hatching, ucsicon, line type, Itscale, isoplane and isometric drawing, elevation,
  • layering, hatch patterns, colors

Working with in AutoCAD:

  • Text, dtext, justifying text, text fonts, ddedit, ehtext, ddmodify, style, qtext,
  • special text

Grouping in AutoCAD:

  • Block, Wblock, insert, minsert, explode, base, external reference, organizing
  • block library

Dimensioning in AutoCAD:

  • Dimension styles, dimensioning commands, tolerance, limits, dimension setup,
  • dimension variables, dimension scale

Plotting Drawings

  • Device information
  • Pen arrangements
  • Other parameters, paper size, and orientation
  • Scale, rotation and origin, paper space
  • Model space, tile mode, Mview, vplayeer, zoom xp.

3D Basics

  • Axes, Planes, and Faces
  • 3D Workspaces, Ribbon, Toolbars, and 3D Options
  • Entering and Exiting 3D
  • Projecting into 3D
  • 3D Dynamic Views
  • Extrude
  • Visual Styles: Hide and Shade
  • View Cube and Navigation Bar


  • Introduction to Primitives
  • Box
  • Wedge
  • Cone
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Torus
  • Pyramid
  • Applying Primitives

Object Manipulation

  • Introduction to Object Manipulation
  • Rotate3D
  • 3Drotate (Gizmo)
  • Mirror3D
  • 3Darray
  • 3Dscale
  • 3Dmove
  • Fillets and Chamfers in 3D

Boolean Operations

  • Introduction to Boolean Operations
  • Union
  • Subtract
  • Intersect
  • 3D Modelling
  •  Exercise: Building Wall with Door and Window

Solid Modelling

  • Introduction to Solid Modelling
  • Revolve
  • Shell
  • Taper
  • 3D Modelling Exercise: Wastebasket
  • Loft
  • 3D Modelling Exercise: Mechanical Drill Bit
  • Path Extrusion
  • Sweep
  • Drawing Challenge: Helical Coil

Advanced Solids, Faces, and Edges

  • Introduction to Advanced Solids, Faces, and Edges
  • Poly-solid
  • Helix
  • 3D Path Array
  • 3Dalign
  • Working with Faces
  • Delete Faces
  • Move Faces
  • Copy Faces
  • Offset Faces
  • Rotate Faces
  • Colour Faces
  • Working with Edges
  • Colour Edges
  • Copy Edges
  • Helical Coil Explained

Surfaces and Meshes

  • Introduction to Surfaces and Meshes
  • Surfacing Commands
  • Planar Surface
  • Region
  • Rule surf
  • Tab surf
  • Rev-surf
  • Edge surf
  • 3Dface and 3Dmesh
  • Smooth Mesh Primitives
  • Mesh Modification 1. Smoothness
  • Mesh Modification 2. Filters and Gizmos
  • Mesh Modification 3. Additional Tools

UCS, V-ports, Text, and Dimensions in 3D

  • Introduction to UCS, V-ports, Text, and Dimensions in 3D
  • Advanced UCS
  • UCS
  • World
  • UCS Previous
  • Face UCS
  • Object
  • View
  • Origin
  • Z-Axis Vector
  • 3 Point
  • X, Y, and Z
  • Named UCS
  • Views and View Manager
  • V-ports

Dynamic View

  • Camera
  • Target
  • Distance
  • POints
  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • TWist
  • CLip
  • Hide
  • Off
  • Undo


  • Walk and Fly
  • Path Animation
  • Action recorder

Lighting and Rendering

  • Introduction to Lighting and Rendering
  • Lighting
  • Point Light
  • Spotlight
  • Distant Light
  • Shadows, Sun, and Sky.
  • Materials and Rendering. Materials
  • Rendering
Rahul Siwakoti
Auto-CAD Training

“ I am a civil engineering student and I approached Broadway Infosys in CAN Comtech. I was really impressed by the way the counselor responded to my queries and I registered myself right away. I was overwhelmed when I visited Broadway and then got to see my class and received demo training. Th...

Satya Narayan Chaurasiya
Auto-CAD Training

I found the teacher best during this short span of time for exploring huge ideas and solving the queries of us/ students.. The environment at Broadway Infosys is the best and the guidance they give to students is also good .It's good to study at Broadway Infosys for better knowledge.

Dilip Shrestha
Auto-CAD Training

There is friendly and warm relationship between Broadway's management, faculty and students. All the students in our class were very happy and was feeling great to learn Auto - CAD Course from the proessional Instructor. I would like to thank the Instructor from the deep of my heart. Thank You....

Kanhaiya Prasad Jayaswal
Auto-CAD Training

 Yes, it's my immense pleasure getting a good platform for learning AUTO CAD in Broadway Infosys Nepal under the guidance of best teacher with every facility. It's a complete learning center.

Sanam K.C
Auto-CAD Training

The teachers of our institute are very cooperative and are always ready to help their students when problem arises. They are very experienced and qualified in their respective field. About our institute, its one of the largest institute in Nepal and comes in 1st position in Auto cad field and so on....

Sandip Koirala
Auto-CAD Training

I am happy that I chose Broadway Infosys Nepal to learn Auto- CAD and recommend others also .I was able to learn more than what I expected and could work like professionals now. Proper learning environment and supportive staffs , faculty is what I need and Broadway got exactly the right thing to hel...

Narahari Gautam
Auto-CAD Training

I was wondering here and there in Kathmandu looking for a good institute for Auto-CAD training and I finally came across Broadway Infosys Nepal and found out that it is the most ideal institution for anyone to learn Auto- CAD and be able to work like professionals do. Well equipped and furnished cla...