Electrical AutoCAD Training

Electrical AutoCAD Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 3 Weeks
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Electrical AutoCAD Training in Nepal

The Electrical AutoCAD Training course offered by Broadway Infosys Nepal is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to use AutoCAD software for electrical design and drafting effectively.

This comprehensive course covers topics such as creating electrical drawings, schematic diagrams, panel layouts, and 3D modeling. Students will also learn about electrical codes, standards, and symbols.

Through hands-on projects and real-world scenarios, students will gain practical experience using AutoCAD to design electrical systems. In addition, students who complete the course can use AutoCAD to produce precise and expert electrical drawings.


Why Take Electrical AutoCAD Training?

  • Broadway Infosys provides a comprehensive curriculum covering all Electrical AutoCAD design aspects.
  • The trainers at Broadway Infosys are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of Electrical AutoCAD design.
  • The training is focused on hands-on learning, giving students practical experience that will help them excel in their careers.
  • By giving them the abilities and knowledge needed to excel in the field, the training is intended to make pupils industry-relevant.
  • Broadway Infosys offers affordable training packages accessible to students of all backgrounds.
  • Students can choose from flexible timing options to complete their training at their own pace.
  • Broadway Infosys provides job placement assistance to students, helping them find relevant job opportunities after completing their training.
  • Students who complete the Electrical AutoCAD training program receive a certificate demonstrating their proficiency in the subject and enhancing their employability.

Career Option

Taking Electrical AutoCAD training by Broadway Infosys can be a great career move for individuals interested in electrical engineering. AutoCAD is an essential tool used in the electrical industry for designing, drafting, and modeling electrical systems. Broadway Infosys offers a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of Electrical AutoCAD, including creating electrical drawings, schematics, and panel layouts. With this training, individuals can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in electrical engineering jobs requiring AutoCAD.

The training can open up opportunities in various industries, including construction, power generation, and manufacturing, and can lead to positions such as electrical designer, electrical engineer, or project manager.

Electrical AutoCAD Training - Outlines
  • Introduction to Electrical AutoCAD

    • Overview of Electrical AutoCAD and its capabilities
    • Understanding the Electrical AutoCAD interface and workflow
    • Configuring Electrical AutoCAD settings and options
  • Basic Drawing Techniques

    • Creating and editing basic 2D geometry in Electrical AutoCAD
    • Using AutoCAD's precision tools for accurate drawing
    • Applying dimensioning and annotation techniques to an electrical drawing
  • Advanced Drawing Techniques

    • Creating and editing complex 2D geometry in Electrical AutoCAD
    • Creating blocks and dynamic blocks for reusable content
    • Using external references and xrefs in an electrical drawing
  • Schematic Diagrams

    • Creating schematic diagrams for electrical systems
    • Using electrical symbols and annotating a schematic diagram
    • Creating a panel layout and wiring diagram from a schematic diagram
  • Panel Layouts and Control Circuits

    • Creating a panel layout and annotating a panel layout
    • Creating control circuits and adding annotations to a control circuit
    • Creating a wiring diagram from a panel layout and a control circuit
  • Project Work

    • Applying the skills learned in the previous weeks to create a complete Electrical AutoCAD project
    • Troubleshooting common issues
    • Tips and tricks for creating professional-quality electrical drawings
  • Final Project

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