Structural Analysis Program (SAP)

Structural Analysis Program (SAP) Training

Structural Analysis Program (SAP) SAP is a general purpose finite element analysis program for structural analysis. The program can analyze structures that are subject to either static or dynamic loads. The structures can be described in tarms of truss, frame, plate, shell, or brick elements or combinations of elements. The static loads include concentrated loading applied to discrete points on the structural models. The dynamic analysis features include model analysis to obtain model shapes and frequencies, response history analysis using either model superposition or direct integration techniques, and response spectrum analysis.

Duration: 1 Month
Career Option : Structural Analysis Engineer

Courses Outline:-  SAP Training 

Version 2014

  • Review of Structural system and Structural analysis
  • Structural analysis procedure in SAP-2000
  • Load calculations
  • Calculation of vertical loads
  • Earthquake loads and their effect in structure
  • Setting basic parameters in SAP-2000
  • Geometry of building and other structures
  • Define and Assign command
  • Analysis using SAP-2000
  • Design of Beam and columns
  • Viewing and Printing of design details