Drupal Training in Nepal Learn Professional Drupal CMS Courses

Professional Drupal Training Courses.


Duration: 1 Months
Career Option : Drupal Developer

Courses Outline- Drupal Training 

Drupal Training Modules

Introduction to CMS

  • Introduction to CMS
  • Structure of CMS
  • Types of CMS (Files & Database)
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Advantages of using Drupal
  • Drupal Versions (5 and 6)

Drupal Modules

  • Install and Uninstall Modules
  • Module Management
  • Use of Default Modules
  • Popular Modules in Drupal

Drupal Installation

  • Installation of XAMPP
  • Drupal Installation Requirements
  • Installing Drupal on Local System
  • Installing Drupal in apache

Drupal Template Design

  • Introduction to Drupal Templates
  • Customizing Drupal Template
  • Creating Custom Drupal Template
  • Introduction to Creating Regions
  • Core templates and suggestions

Drupal Menu and Themes

  • Install and Uninstall Themes
  • Creating Menus
  • Types of Menus

Drupal Views and customization

  • Introduction to views module
  • Creating Views
  • Theming Views Output

Content Management in Drupal

  • Block Management
  • Category Management
  • Creating Content
  • Creating Content Type
  • Front Page Management
  • Views of Content
  • Adding Fields In Content Edit page

Creating Drupal Modules

  • Introduction to Drupal modules Files
  • Introduction to Ecommerce module
  • How to Create a module
  • Introduction to Drupal Hooks
  • Introdution to use of templete.php
  • Introduction to Creating Forms in Drupal
  • Introduction to Creating Blocks

User Management in Drupal

  • Creating User in Drupal
  • User types in Drupal
  • User Access Control
  • Additional User modules