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Duration: 1 Months Career Option: Drupal Developer

We also offer online classes for trainees who cannot attend the classes physically

Drupal Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal provides one of the most comprehensive Drupal training courses in Nepal adopting world-class and career-focused curriculum. Drupal is one of the popular open source content management systems used to develop website and web application. Developed using PHP and MySQL, Drupal training course is ideal for web developers to develop websites that need high security, different access level privileges and high traffic. The interest among web development professionals is high to pursue Drupal training in Nepal as this course is best suited for the development of Social Networking Websites, News Portal, and Business Portals etc.

Benefits of Drupal Training

Many popular websites have been developed in Drupal like website of the White House, US Government websites etc.It provides out of the box functionality and flexibility.  Drupal training enables students to further extend their website/web application using pre-developed modules as well.The Drupal developers have plenty of opportunity today and being a specialist in Drupalenables you toachievegrowth and progress in your career.

  • Detailedunderstandingof the Drupal Framework.
  • Highly secure website and application development.
  • Enables trainees to learn how to edit content in Drupal websites as a website administrator.
  • Allowstrainees to customize all aspects of Drupal like designs, features and functionalities in Drupal application and modify Drupal database architectures.

Benefits of Drupal Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal is one of the finest computer training institutes in Kathmandu, Nepal that provides Drupal training in Nepal allowing individuals to tackle the current challenges and be proficient to compete with the best that are in the market.

To all the candidates attending Drupal training at Broadway, we provide the following benefits and value added services.

  • Professional instructors with maximum experience.
  • Affordable training costs.
  • Comprehensive training methodology.
  • Wider access to training equipment and materials.
  • Prepare oneself for the competitive IT market.
  • Scholarship to deserving and needy students.
  • Job placement opportunities for ace trainees.
  • Career opportunities as software developer, Drupal developer, senior web developer, etc.

Pre-requisites for Drupal Training

In order to use Drupal to develop website, students don't require any knowledge beforehand. It is possible to learn how to develop website and web application using the Drupal Administration. However, if students want to customize Drupal Theme or customize Drupal PHP codes then the students are expected to possess the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and PHP before joining the course.

Courses Outline :- Drupal Training in Nepal
  • Introduction to CMS
  • Structure of CMS
  • Types of CMS (Files & Database)
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Advantages of using Drupal
  • Drupal Versions (5 and 6)
  • Install and Uninstall Modules
  • Module Management
  • Use of Default Modules
  • Popular Modules in Drupal
  • Installation of XAMPP
  • Drupal Installation Requirements
  • Installing Drupal on Local System
  • Installing Drupal in apache
  • Introduction to Drupal Templates
  • Customizing Drupal Template
  • Creating Custom Drupal Template
  • Introduction to Creating Regions
  • Core templates and suggestions
  • Install and Uninstall Themes
  • Creating Menus
  • Types of Menus
  • Introduction to views module
  • Creating Views
  • Theming Views Output
  • Block Management
  • Category Management
  • Creating Content
  • Creating Content Type
  • Front Page Management
  • Views of Content
  • Adding Fields In Content Edit page
  • Introduction to Drupal modules Files
  • Introduction to Ecommerce module
  • How to Create a module
  • Introduction to Drupal Hooks
  • Introdution to use of templete.php
  • Introduction to Creating Forms in Drupal
  • Introduction to Creating Blocks
  • Creating User in Drupal
  • User types in Drupal
  • User Access Control
  • Additional User modules
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