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Joomla Training

Joomla Training in Nepal

Professional Joomla CMS Training Courses

Duration: 1.5 Months Career Option: Joomla Developer

Professional Joomla Training

Courses Outline :- Joomla Training in Nepal
  • Introduction Of Open Sources CMS with Joomla and Installation of Joomla
  • Creating Sections, Categories, Articles and proper managing them for large website.
  • Editing and Adding Content using various WYSIWYG editor from back end as well as front end.
  • Loading, adding and uploading different medias(images, audio,video,flash) files from media manager
  • Introduction and Customization of default predefined Modules (Polls, Random images, Login Form,Search, Newsflash, Recently added article, menu)
  • Adding and displaying different menus and submenus from menu manager
  • Introduction and Customization of default predefined Componenets(Polls, Contact Form, Banners, Search, Newsfeeds, Weblinks, Contact Form)
  • Downloading, Installing and integrating external extensions(Modules, Components, Plugins, Templates, and Language) to websitefiles.
  • Introduction and Installation of Plugins and integration to articles.
  • Converting CSS template to Joomla template and installing to joomla site.
  • Changing joomla core files by template overriding.
  • Creation of custom Modules and components.
  • Defining different authentication for different types of users(admin,manager,editor,register,and unregistered) from User Manager.
  • Integrating and retrieving data from databases to Joomla site.
  • Configuring the Joomla site in live environment by global configuration setting and configuration file.
  • Configuring site for SEO by seo friendly urls and .htaccess.
  • Project work - creating website in joomla
  • Front end and back end administration.
  • Creating menus and navigation.
  • Changing the appearance of sections.
  • Using the media manager.
  • Creating and altering site templates.
  • Installing extensions.

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I already had some basic knowledge about Joomla but Sir has taught about something more about advance Joomla that I never knew about before. I must Broadway Teachers and Staffs are so nice.