Magento Advanced Training in Nepal

Magento Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1.5 Months
Career: Magento Developer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Advanced Magento Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys has been offering Advanced Magento Training in Nepal for the IT students, professionals managing ecommerce websites and the stakeholders of online businesses. In this course, you will learn about advanced features of ecommerce websites such as Site Management, Catalog Browsing, Analytics and Reporting, Catalog Management, Product Management, mobile commerce, Customer Accounts, Customer Service, Order Management, Payment, Shipping, Checkout, Search Engine Optimization, marketing tools and so on.

You should keep in mind that Advanced Magento Training is not an easy course that you can master easily without guidance of industry experts.  Broadway is indeed a trusted destination for the aspiring ecommerce developers and site managers to pursue fully job-oriented Advanced Magento training in Nepal.


Benefits of Advanced Magento Training

You can use many out of the box templates and plugins to create a website that matches your business concept. There is lot of demand in today’s market for the Magento expert. So there is a high chance for you to be employed in a growing company or you can be the one to start an ecommerce business. The course will give you great exposure to a variety of ways in which you can extend the knowledge of Magento platform and truly leverage its power. Here are some of the esteemed benefits offered by Advanced Magento Training:

  • Open source Platform
  • Rich Features
  • Learn to develop highly secure
  • Understand how to create SEO friendly ecommerce websites
  • Learn to create appealing mobile experience for ecommerce users
  • Learn to operate multiple online stores and Language support
  • Acquire the essential skills for third party integration

Benefits of Advance Magento Training at Broadway Infosys

Broadway Infosys is the trusted IT training institute in Nepal offering Advanced Magento Trianing. We are driven towards producing skilled professionals in Advanced Magento and further add credentials to the students’ portfolio. The value added services that we provide to students are:-

  • Learn Magento from respective experts
  • Experienced Mentors and Trainers
  • Interns for capable candidates
  • Exposure to real world ecommerce market
  • Affordable training course
  • Facilitation in gaining International Level Certifications
  • Wider access to training equipment and materials.
  • Job placement opportunities for ace trainees.
  • Up-to-date course contents

Magento Advanced Training in Nepal - Outlines
    Topics Covered in Magento
  • Part 1

    • Fundamentals
    • Magento module-based architecture
    • Magento directory structure
    • Configuration XML
    • Functional and Factory class groups
    • Class overrides on Magento
    • Event Observer
    • Methods to resolve
  • Part 2

    • Application Initialization
    • Front Controllered.
    • URL Rewrite
    • Request Routing
    • Module Initialization
    • Design and layout initialization
    • Structure of block templates
    • Flushing data (outputs)
  • Part 3

    • Template Structure
    • Block Structure
    • Blocks
    • Layout XML schema
    • Layout and CMS
    • Pass variables from layout to block1

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