Open Cart Training in Nepal

Open Cart Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1 Month
Career: OpenCart Developer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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OpenCart Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal is a trusted, professional and comprehensive IT training institute for OpenCart training in Nepal. OpenCart is a unique open source shopping cart system based on PHP and popular as an online ecommerce management system that uses MySQL database and HTML components.  The growth of e-commerce software today has led OpenCart to be one of the best solutions to upcoming or established web merchants. The successful completion of OpenCart training in Nepal will enable the students to build a career in networking and e-commerce busineses. If you are willing to create your own business online and get involved in the world of ecommerce at an affordable price, Broadway Infosys Nepal is the best platform to pursue OpenCart training in Nepal and acquire quality skills and knowledge in e-commerce application development.


Benefits of OpenCart Training in Nepal

OpenCart is the best platform for the entrepreneurs to craft their own business online and get involved in the world of ecommerce at an affordable price. With unique features and quite easy to understand set of codes, this has been gaining admirable attention over the time.

  • Learn to secure e-commerce solution for online stores.
  • Understand how to develop cost-effective-commerce solution
  • Learn to develop SEO- friendly online stores using OpenCart framework
  • Learn to promote effective and efficient development of ecommerce business
  • Acquire skills to handle unique and valuable features and understand set of codes
  • Career opportunity as ecommerce developer, online store support staffs and so on.

Benefits of OpenCart Training at Broadway Infosys 

We are driven towards building skilled individuals in OpenCart and further add credentials to the students’ portfolio. After the concentrated training from a team of highly dedicated and committed experts, the students will have the chance to utilize their attained information professionally. With the aim of your personal and professional development, you are heartily welcome to join us and experience the best we have to offer.

To all the candidates attending OpenCart training at Broadway, we provide the following benefits and value added services.

  • Professional OpenCart instructors with maximum experience.
  • Affordable training costs
  • Comprehensive training methodology
  • Wider access to training equipment and materials
  • Prepare oneself for the competitive ecommerce market
  • Scholarship to deserving and needy students
  • Job placement opportunities for ace trainees.
  • Career opportunities in the companies in Broadway’s network

Open Cart Training in Nepal - Outlines
    Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Catalog

    • Product Management
    • Categories
    • Products
    • General
    • Data
    • Links
    • Attributes
    • Discount
    • Special
    • Image
    • Reward Points
    • Design
    • Attributes
    • Options
    • Manufacturers or Brands
    • Downloads
    • Reviews
    • Information Pages (Content Management System or CMS): About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions
    • Insert new pages in the Information box
  • Extensions

    • Modules (Account, Affiliate, Banner, Bestsellers, Carousel, Category, Google Talk,Information, Latest, Slideshow, Specials, Store, Welcome. Google Analytics)
    • Shipping (Citylink, Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Per Item, Parcelforce 48, Pickup from Store, Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, Weight-Based Shipping)
  • Payments

    • Online Payment Security Summary
    • Selecting the Payment Processor Right for You
    • Payment Processor Checklist
    • Payment Processor Comparison Chart
    • AlertPay
    • Bank Wire Transfer
    • Check/ Money Order
    • Cash on Delivery
    • Free Checkout
    • LIQpay
    • MoneyBookers (Skrill) Quick Checkout)
    • Nochex
    • Paymate (Aus and NZ)
    • PayPoint Web Shop Pymts
    • Perpetual Payments (now
    • PayPal Standard
    • PayPal Certified World Payments Pro US
    • PayPal Certified World Payments Pro UK
    • SagePay Form Hosted
    • 2CheckOut
    • RBS WorldPay Hosted
  • Order totals
  • Product feeds

    • Google Base
    • Google Sitemap
    • Sales
    • Add a new sales order
    • Orders menu
    • Order Processing Checklist
    • Returns or RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
    • Customers menu
    • Customers Checklist
    • Customers - Customer Groups
    • Affiliates
    • Coupons
    • Gift Vouchers
    • Gift Vouchers Checklist
    • Gift Vouchers - Voucher Themes
    • Mail
  • Localization

    • Languages
    • Currencies
    • Stock Statuses
    • Order Statuses
    • Countries
    • Zones
    • Tax Classes
    • Length Classes
    • Weight Classes
  • Reports

    • Customize reports on sales by date, store, specific order status, more.
    • Sales Orders Report
    • Sales Tax Report
    • Sales Shipping Report
    • Sales Returns Report
    • Sales Coupons Report
    • Products Viewed Report
    • Products Purchased Report
    • Customers’ Orders Report
    • Customers Reward Points Report
    • Customer Credit Report
    • Affiliate Commission Report
    • Recommended Add-On: Statements 149, ten detailed sales reports.
  • Templates

    • What is a template? How templates work.
    • How to get a good OpenCart template
    • How to install your own template.
    • Template customizations.

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