Computer Basics & Microsoft Office Package Training in Nepal

Computer Basics MS Office Package (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint) Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1.5 Months Career Option: Computer Operator

We also offer online classes for trainees who cannot attend the classes physically

Basic Computer and Microsoft Office Package Training in Nepal

Basic computer knowledge is essential for all types of entry level jobs today. It is important you know at least how to run a computer and use Microsoft Office Package. Basic computer knowledge is of great use in both personal and professional life.

However, not everyone was born into computer technology. So, Broadway Infosys Nepal has designed a basic computer and Microsoft Office package training in Nepal to help individuals with no prior knowledge of computers understand and use the technology.

We provide basic computer Training in Nepal to individuals as well as company staff team.

Benefits of Basic Computer and Microsoft Office Package Training

Computer skills open doors to many job opportunities as well as personal growth. Unfortunately, Nepal still lacks manpower with computer skills which has a huge demand in the market.  Join our basic computer and Microsoft Office Package course to enjoy the below key benefits:

  • Job opportunities
  • Understanding how to use a computer, its basic features and network makes life easier in the era of technology
  • Makes study easier and simpler
  • Opportunities to explore advance computer skills for higher paying jobs
  • Chances of promotion in an existing job

Benefits of Basic computer training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal has been conducting basic and advance computer classes for ten years now. Our basic computer and Microsoft Office Package training is one of the best in the country.

  • Experienced and qualified computer experts as instructors
  • Advanced computer labs with projectors and all necessary devices
  • Office task oriented Microsoft package training in Nepal
  • Interactive and practical lessons
  • Customized training as per requirement of the trainees
  • Job placement and internship opportunities for deserving students

Our training aims to equip students with technical skills in computer-based calculations, documentation, data collection and analysis, internet, making presentations, troubleshooting and network configurations.

Pre-requisites for Computer Basics & Microsoft Office Package

The computer training course is an introduction to working with computers. Therefore, anyone with absolutely no knowledge of computer can join this training without hesitation.

Pre-book your seat today to make sure you don’t miss out on our Basic Computer and Microsoft Office Package Training in Nepal at Broadway Infosys. Contact us via phone or email us at [email protected] to know more. You can also message us through our social media sites or drop in at our office in Tinkune, Kathmandu.

Courses Outline :- Computer Basics & Microsoft Office Package Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal has designed this Microsoft Office Training Course focusing the professionals who are handling day to day office tasks with the use of basic office package software including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Unlike other Computer Basic Training Institutions in Kathmandu, we focus on building jobholders' confidence in Microsoft Office Programmes. Microsoft Word Training helps the individual to deal with the word processing, creating and designing the office basic documents. Microsoft Excel Training helps to work with calculations, data entry, and data analysis. Microsoft PowerPoint Training helps in building slides and presentations for meetings, seminars, workshops and so on. Besides this Broadway Infosys Nepal provides Advance Office Package Training. If anybody wants to join on the separate course on individual software like Advance MS Word, Advance MS Excel, this is also possible with us.

  • Introduction to Window Environment
  • Creating Folders, manage folders structure to store files in order
  • Searching and Open files
  • Setting user's privileges as per the users
  • Installing/ setting application and Uninstalling applications
  • Configuring devices and installing device drivers
  • Virus and security threats, Virus scanning and cleaning to avoid virus threats
  • Creating backups of files
  • Setting printing options before printing command
  • Writing files to Removable drives, CD or DVD by using Related Software
  • Create and format text
  • Create copy and paste; Copy format and paste format
  • Develop heading and creating format in different styles
  • Creating styles and formatting documents
  • Find the desired text and replace with the next
  • Inserting pictures, format pictures, Adjust colour and Arrange Pictures
  • Inserting clipart, smart arts, and graphs
  • Creating hyperlink and comments
  • Working with Header, footer, textbox, equation, and symbols
  • Working with Page design and layout
  • Creating Table of Contents, Footnotes, Endnotes, List of tables, list of figures
  • Creating bibliography, cross-references, and Captions
  • Working with Comments and Track Changes
  • Mail Merge
  • View window in different ways and comparing between the files
  • Setting Excel File options
  • Working with Text formats and number formats
  • Creating tables and Cell Styles
  • Working with conditional formatting and Table Formats
  • Sort, Filter, Series Fill, Flash fill and Auto sum
  • Inserting pictures, smart art graphics, charts, hyperlinks headers/ footer, equation, and symbols,
  • Setting page layout, arranging shapes and printing area set up
  • Working with basic Excel formulas to perform simple calculations
  • Working with logical function, Lookup and reference functions
  • Defining table names and using them in formula
  • Grouping/ Ungrouping data
  • Sorting the records
  • Working with text proofing and Text editing
  • Protecting Sheets with password
  • View window in different views
  • Freezing panes and Splitting sheets
  • Setting PowerPoint 2021 file environment
  • Building your own slides
  • Creating Design and Text in attractive Formats
  • Searching New online templates and themes
  • Inserting Tables, Symbols, Pictures, Charts and Graphic Smart Arts
  • Inserting Video, Audio and Screen Recording
  • Inserting background themes or templates for presentation
  • Applying attractive Transitions
  • Applying Attractive Animation to the designed text and objects
  • Setting Timing with Transitions and Animations
  • Building up Presentation and Setting Slide Show
  • Editing Text and Comparing
  • Printing slides
  • Presentation Views
  • Understanding of the Internet
  • Creating Email, Send and Manage Emails
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