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Broadway Corporate Training

Understanding the corporate training needs, we run various corporate IT training programs to facilitate both the employers and employees to enable them to perform the tasks in order to meet the companies' targeted goal. We design the course in a competent and effective manners so that the outcome can be clearly visible to accomplish the pre-determined training criteria. Our focus would be to ensure employees can relate what they have cultured to a definite operation.Broadway Corporate training features cost-effective, scalable, time-efficient, standard, mutually beneficial, technology-friendly training programs beneficial to the individual employees and eventually the organization itself.

Broadway Infosys Nepal puts a lot of emphasis on delivering top-quality and professional training programs that are modified to suit the requirements of the corporate. Being a client organization, be it government or non-government, NGO or INGO, corporate and business houses, you can get the benefit of getting trainings from Broadway Infosys Nepal as we have high caliber, well experienced instructors, hands on training to participants, spacious training environment, customized approach, refreshment support, a very receptive culture AND a very good experience of successful conduct and positive feedback of such trainings. Here, you will get and experience a formal and exact process of internal training, evaluation and certification of our training and ensured that the programs delivered by us provide enchantment to the participants.

In case of IT requirements, Broadway Infosys provides corporate training in all the IT related software and hardware courses it has been offering.

Similarly, Broadway Corporate Learning puts emphasis in providing training in organizational behavior needs like Leadership, Personality Development, Presentation and Effective Communication as Broadway has also established strong network with the professional soft skill experts.

Broadway Corporate training/learning process

i. Analysis of Training needs/ requirements and Design:  As a first step of any training program, our team also thrives in carrying out proper analysis of training packages with iteration and constant re-evaluation with the current and changing IT market.

In the first meeting with the client organization, our expert focuses in identifying, understanding and determining their training criteria, area and needs. Then we focus in designing, preparing and customizing the training program as per the time, convenience and need of the client organization.

Similarly, the training premises is also determined which could be either

-on site, in Broadway premise itself,

-in-house, within Client Organization itself,

-off-site, in consented seminar halls in the form of workshops and seminar

In case of in-house and off-site training, considerations regarding availability of required technology and resources for training, refreshments and other necessities are discussed and determined.

ii. Formal training contract and consent:  With proper discussion and mutual consent, both client organization and Broadway would prepare and sign the training agreement. Both the party need to understand the terms and conditions for the training regarding time, cost, duration, modes of training, cancellation, modification and completion.

iii. Actual training conduct: The training would begin in consented time and place as per the pre-determined terms and conditions and training plan as designed and agreed in phase one. Throughout the training program, the trainees would be provided with required training resources like the course content, training format, required reading materials and videos if needed and the training would be the blend of traditional and e-learning module.

iv. Training evaluation and feedback:  With the completion of training and project work submission, Broadway team visits training attendants and close the training program with experience sharing in the related field and useful tips for proper execution in the workplace. Then, the team receives and collects feedback in order to get the information about the effectiveness and usefulness of the training program.

v. Certificate Distribution and Letter of Completion:

Broadway Infosys distributes certificate of completion to all the attendants and receive a letter of completion for the same from the client organization.


Benefits of Corporate Training in Nepal

  • Chances of getting to know high-profile people
  • Job and internship opportunites to work in multi-national companies
  • Opportunity to express oneself in a competitive market
  • Massive opportunities to build interpersonal skills

Benefits of Corporate Training at Broadway Infosys 

  • A chance to learn from experts
  • Resourceful training labs
  • Opportunity to expand professional network
  • Amplifies your interacting skills and confidence to face drawbacks
  • Rewards the deserving candidate with job opportunities
  • Special offers available for deserving students

Corporate Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Training Program for Corporate

    • Microsoft Access Training.
    • Microsoft Office Application Training
    • Oracle Training (DBA)
    • Well Experienced professional Team
    • MS Sql Server Training
    • Quality Assurance Training
    • Auto-CAD ,Revit Architecture Training
    • Manual and Computerized Accounting Training
    • Advance Excel Training

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