SQL DBA Training In Nepal

SQL Training in Nepal

Duration: 1 Months ( 45 Hrs. )
Career: Database Administrator
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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SQL DBA Training in Nepal

As Database Administrators play a significant role in IT companies their global demand is ever increasing. Thus, we have designed special training courses for individuals willing to pursue SQL DBA training in Nepal. The SQL DBA training aims to groom the database management skills of database administrators, SQL Developers, Database Engineers and so on.

Course Highlights

  • Basic understanding of SQL Relational Database Management and its environment
  • Understanding SQL Server Relational Engine, Integration Services, Reporting and Analysis Services
  • Learn data migration and disaster recovery solutions
  • Understand query tuning, replication management and high availability
  • Overall capacity building in MSSQL database management
  • Real time Project work to test SQL DBA skills
  • SQL DBA Certification exam

Syllabus Outline

  • Introduction to MSSQL Server 2016
  • MSSQL Server 2016 installation
  • Understanding SQL Server 2016 Infrastructure Management Environment
  • Perform MSSQL server database design
  • Microsoft SQL Database Security
  • SQL Database Backup and Recovery
  • Performing database upgrades and maintenance

We are excited to hear from aspiring Database developers like you via web, social media or direct phone call. Please make sure you reserve your seat for upcoming SQL DBA training session as there is high competition to secure the seats.


Benefits of SQL DBA Training in Nepal

  • Globally popular database course
  • Training courses for basic, advance to expert level
  • Thorough understanding of SQL
  • High demand of SQL DBAs in IT job marketplace
  • Career opportunity as SQL Server Database Administrator

Benefits of SQL DBA Training at Broadway Infosys 

  • Certified SQL experts as instructors
  • Well equipped training labs
  • Support for placement for deserving trainees
  • Interactive and participative classes
  • Flexible timing
  • Supervision of project work by instructors and industry experts

SQL DBA Training In Nepal - Outlines
  • SQL Server Database Administrator - DBA

    Courses Outline:-SQL Server DBA

    Introduction to database management systems and databases

    • What is a database and a database management system (DBMS?)
    • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server and its overall SQL Server Data Platform
    • History and Current trends of DBMS and Database Administration Tasks of a Database Administrator
  • SQL Server 2019 Installation

    • Editions of SQL Server 2019
    • Hardware and Software pre-requisites for a successful SQL Server installation.
    • Understanding SQL Server components.
    • Perform a successful SQL Server 2019 installation
    • Slipstreaming SQL Server installation with service packs.
    • Understanding SQL Server version identifiers, installed directories and conventions.
  • SQL Server 2019 Administration and Development Tools

    • Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
    • Using SQL Server Command Line interface
    • Using SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • SQL Server 2019 Architecture

    • Understanding SQL Server system databases.
    • Understanding the SQL Server database structure.
    • SQL Server files and filegroups.
    • SQL Server Transactional logs, Recovery Models.
    • What is the difference between SQL Server instance and database.
    • Client-Server Communication.
    • Attaching and detaching SQL Server databases.
  • SQL Server Database objects

    • Understanding Schemas
    • Understanding SQL Server data types
    • Understanding column properties
    • Creating tables, altering tables and adding constraints, relationships.
    • Understanding the filter
    • Creating database diagrams
  • Understanding Locks & their Usage

    • SP_WHO2 and SP_LOCK Outputs
    • Lock Types, Lock Hints and Lock Escalations
    • Avoiding WAITS on PAGE and TABLE
    • Isolation Levels - Types and Usage
    • Choosing Isolation Levels For OLTP
    • Statement Locks & Transaction Locks
    • TempDB Issues with Isolation Options
    • Locking Hints to Avoid Blockings
    • A DEADLOCK Scenario and DML Audits
    • Deadlock Detection and Avoidance
  • SQL Server Backup and Recovery – Part 1

    • Introduction to Backup and Recovery strategy for databases.
    • Full Database backups using SIMPLE Recovery Model
    • Full Database and Transactional log backups with FULL Recovery Model
    • Backup history and maintenance
    • Designing Maintenance plans for Backup Tasks
    • SQL Server Agent for scheduling backups
    • Database Mail for email notifications to DBAs.
  • SQL Server Backup and Recovery – Part 2

    • Introduction to Database Restore and Recovery
    • Full database restore
    • Full database restore and recovery of transactional logs
    • Restoring system databases
  • SQL Server Data Export and Import (Data Movement)

    • Partial Data export and import using GUI tools– Export and Import Wizard
    • Move or copy a full database.
  • SQL Server security

    • SQL Server authentication vs. Windows authentication
    • Auditing database logins using SQL Server Error Logging
    • SQL Server server-wide logins and database specific users
    • Creating user-defined server roles
    • Configuring contained databases.
  • Performance Tuning– Part 1

    • Understanding database indexes
    • Checking index fragmentation and maintaining them
    • Database statistics
    • Understanding SQL Server Profiler
    • Creating Traces
    • Running server-side traces
  • Performance Tuning – Part 2

    • Understanding the Extended Events architecture
    • Creating and configuring an Extended Events session
    • Using an extended events session to monitor system performance
  • SQL Server High Availability (Advance Topics)

    • Database Mirroring
    • Log Shipping
    • AlwaysOn
    • Failover cluster instance improvements
    • Creating AlwaysOn availability groups
    • Administering AlwaysOn Availability groups
    • Reading secondary database copies
  • Data Exports (SSIS) and DB Mail

    • Import & Export Operations
    • OLE-DB, SQLNCLI and Jet Drivers
    • Choosing correct Data Providers
    • Scheduling SSIS Packages using Jobs
    • Proxies and Reading Job History
    • Database Scripting and DB Encryption
    • Database Cloning Process and Options
    • Configuring Linked Servers - Custom
    • SQL Server Agent - Alert Properties
    • Database (DB) Mail Configurations
    • Securing DB Profiles : SMTP Accounts
    • DB Mail Profiles and Public Tokens
    • Alert System Configurations in SQL Agent
    • Creating Operators and Emails
    • Warnings and Emails with DB Mail
    • Testing Job Failures and Notifications
    • Job Activity Monitor and History Delete
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04 Aug 2024 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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