Google Ads Training in Nepal

PPC & SEM Training in Nepal

Duration: 2 Weeks
Career: Google Ads Specialist
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Google Ads Training in Nepal | SEM Training in Nepal

PPC is a progressive form of digital marketing, where you identify the loopholes of organic process and fix them. Google, being the front runner in the search engine segment, offers the most advanced tools to ppc, be it search engine marketing, outbound display advertisements, in-stream/out-stream video advertisements or mobile application promotions.

Learning Google ads is not only about getting trained on how to operate the tools, it in-fact is all about the skill development process that comprehensively involves being a pro on marketing technologies, learning new expertise on better content generation and acquire convincing marketing skills at one place.

Google Ads training at Broadway Infosys is a 2 weeks compact program that aims on developing the skills, identifying the marketing pro inside you and connect  the dots for the best possibilities out there.

Google Ads Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Introduction

    • Introduction to PPC
    • Importance & Value of Google Ads
    • Google Ads networks & eco-system
  • Understanding Google Ads Platform & hierarchy

    • Account structure
    • Understanding Campaigns & objectives
    • Understanding ad-groups
    • Understanding ads
  • Writing / Creating Better Ads

    • Ad copy writing techniques
    • Approaches to better display ads
    • Approaches to better video ads
    • Approaches to better mobile app ads
    • Ad extensions and their importance
  • Science and Art of Targeting

    • Different targeting approaches
    • Best practices of targeting
  • Bidding

    • Understanding several bidding approaches
    • Best practices to bidding
    • Understanding quality score and its effect
  • Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    • Basics of landing pages
    • Conversion tracking (web/app/phone call/analytics)
    • Best practice of landing pages optimization (Design/UI/UX/Conversion)
    • CRO through testing methods (AB/Split)
  • Managing Clients & Reports

    • Basics of My Client Center
    • Understanding Ad metrics
    • Customizing reports
    • Planning report

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