C# Training in Nepal

C#.net Training with .Net Training Package in Kathmndu, Nepal

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Career: Dot Net Developer
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C# Training in Nepal

C# pronounced as C sharp is a general-purpose programming language used to write complex programs where a code needs a constant repetition. Broadway offers professional C# Training in Nepal for beginners as well as individuals with no prior programming experience but interested to learn C#. This training not only provides familiarity with C# and its wider implications but also prepares the students to take on other programming languages such as Java, Objective – C. After the successful completion of C# training, the students are ready to write programs on the .NET framework. Thus, Broadway is committed to offer fully career-oriented C# training in Nepal.

Benefits of C# Training in Nepal

Candidates can achieve following benefits by undergoing C# training.

  • Helps to understand the basic concepts of C# and.Net framework.
  • Enhances your coding habit.
  • Ability to build a secure system.
  • Helps to improve your programming skills.
  • Develops professionalism and creative intelligence.
  • Understand how to handle exceptions and manage data collections.
  • Endless job opportunities.
  • Infinite career opportunity at a .NET community.

Broadway is the best institution to learn C# at as it offers trained instructor to run its classes. The demand of C# developers is soaring around the world; however the companies are struggling to hire the qualified C# programmers. Therefore reserve your seat at the earliest in order to appear in upcoming C# training sessions and enhance your C# skills.

Benefits of C# Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

Broadway gives students following benefits while learning C# training.

  • Highly experienced instructors.
  • Adequate training material and resources.
  • Consistent practical classes to sharpen the programming skills.
  • Deserving students have an opportunity to grab scholarship
  • Internship and job placement opportunities.
  • Opportunity to network with several .NET community members.
  • Career counseling classes are also made available.
  • Opportunity to gain experience through industry experts.

C# Training in Nepal - Outlines
    C#.NET Desktop Application Development , C# Programming language 
  • Introduction to .Net Framework

    • Basic Features Of .NET Languages
    • Assemblies
    • Structure of C# Program
    • C# Console
    • C# Variables
    • Keywords
    • Control (if, switch) statements
    • Looping Ststements (for, foreach, while, do-while) Statements
    • Goto, break, return statements
    • Namespaces
  • C# Objects And Types

    • Concept of object and object oriented programming
    • Classes and Structs
    • C# Methods
    • Properties
    • Constructors, constructor overloading
    • Destructors
    • Partial classes
    • Static classes, properties and methods
    • Encapsulation 
  • Inheritance

    • Concept of Inheritance
    • Implementation of Inheritance
    • Virtual Methods
    • Abstract classes and Functions 
    • Parameterised Constructors
    • Methods overloading
  • C# Interface

    • Definition and declaration of interface
    • Derived interfaces
    • Implementation of interfaces IComparable, IEnumerable, IDisposable, ICollection
  • Delegate And Events

    • Introduction Of Delegate
    • Declaration of delegate
    • Delegate implementation
  • Strings And Regular Expressions

    • String Operations And Formatting 
    • Implementation of StringBuilder
    • Implementation of Regular Expression
  • Collections

    • Introduction Of Collection
    • ArrayList
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Dictionaries and HashTable


  • Entity Framework

    • Introduction Of Entity Framework
    • Understanding Database First, Code First, Model First
    • Implementing Database First
    • Implementing Model First
    • Implementing Code First
    • LINQ Expressions
    • Working with Stored Procedures
    • Crystal Report
    • Reporting Concept in CrystalReport
    • Designing And Formatting Complex Reports in Crystal Report
    • Syntax of writing formula in Crystal Report
    • Using Typed DataSet as DataSource In Crystal Report
    • SubReports In Crystal Report
  • LINQ

    • Introduction Of LINQ
    • Implementation of LINQ
  • Crystal Report

    • Reporting Concept in Crystal Report
    • Designing And Formatting Complex Reports in Crystal Report
    • The syntax of writing the formula in Crystal Report
    • Using Typed DataSet as DataSource In Crystal Report
    • SubReports In Crystal Report
  • Data Access

    • ADO.NET Introduction
    • DataSet, DataTable
    • Database Specific Classes(SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlTransaction etc)
    • Database Connection 
    • Executing Commands (ExecuteNonQuery(), ExecuteReader(), ExecuteScalar())
    • Stored Procedure Concept and Implementation
    • Tire Architectures(1 tire, 2 tire and 3 tire) example and implementation
  • XML

    • XML Concept
    • Read, write and delete Operation in XML


  • Windows Forms And Controls

    • Form Inheritance
    • Using Windows Form Controls
  • Graphics (GDI+) IO

    Common Dialogs (Open, Save, Color, font , print preview, print dialogs)

    • Streams
    • File Operations (Creating,deleting , Reading and Writing) in file
  • Generics Concept

    Generics In C#(Concept and Implementation Threading (Concept And Implementation) Localization and Globalization Deployment

  • Final Project

    Desktop application using C#

    • Inventory Tracker
    • School Management
    • Bug Tracker
    • Payroll
    • HR Management

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