Estimation and Costing Training

Estimation and Costing Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Estimation and Costing Training in Nepal

Duration: 3 Weeks
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Estimation and Costing Training in Nepal

Estimation and costing training is near to inevitable for aspiring civil engineers, drafters, architects, designers, and contractors. Without the idea of how much to implement and demand for all the task that is performed by all the aforementioned, the task-in-hand cannot be completed. In order to ensure that such tasks are completed and performed in the best way possible, Broadway Infosys presents Estimation and Costing Training in Nepal.


Benefits of Estimation and Costing Training in Nepal

As mentioned earlier, professionals who have a similar career to an architect need to have an in-depth idea of the cost that they need to take or estimate. In order to achieve success, this ability is bound to come in handy. So, what are the benefits of taking Estimation and Costing Training in Nepal?

  • Massive portfolio boosting opportunity
  • Understanding of the recent trends in terms of estimation and costing process for projects
  • Development of skill(s) that are different and unique
  • Chances for freelancing and working-from-home

Benefits of Estimation and Costing Training at Broadway Infosys

Broadway Infosys has designed the Estimation and Costing Training keeping in mind all the support that it brings to the professionals like engineers. The benefits of taking Estimation and Costing Training at Broadway Infosys are:

  • Lessons particularly designed for improving abilities that are essential for Estimating and Costing process
  • Industry-certified instructors with real-life experience
  • Chance(s) to interact with field experts
  • Internship and Job placement opportunities after completing the course
  • Practical classes that include discussion of the real-world scenario
  • Special discounts for financially backward but deserving students

Estimation and Costing Training in Kathmandu, Nepal - Outlines
    Estimation and Costing Training - Syllabus
  • Estimating & Costing (Residential & Commercial Building)

    • Introduction
    • Method of estimation
    • Purpose of estimation
    • Advantage of estimating
    • Quantity estimate & Cost estimate
      1. Architectural work
      2. Structural work
      3. Sanitary work
      4. Electrical work
  • Rate Analysis

    • Introduction
    • Dividing & subdividing of Particulars(Items)
    • Particulars (Items) rate
    • The District rate
    • Mason rate
    • Labour rate
    • Tools & plant rate
    • Electrical work rate
    • Analysis for concrete works..(M15,M20,M25)
    • Analysis for brick works ..(4.5’’ brick work, 7’’brick work,9’’ brick work)
    • Analysis for plaster works..( External & Internal)
    • Analysis for flooring works…( Tile ,marble, granite….)
  • Valuation & Tender documents

    • Introduction
    • Purposes of valuation
    • Importance of valuation
    • Methods of valuation
      1. Rental method of valuation
      2. Direct comparison with the capital value
      3. Valuation based on profit
      4. Valuation based on cost
      5. Development method of valuation
      6. Depreciation method of valuation
    • Tender document preparation & e-bidding
    • BBS
  • Project

    • 2.5 Storey Residential Building
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23 Jun 2024 05:00 PM - 06:30 PM

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