git Training in Nepal

git Training in Nepal

git,Github & GitLab

Duration: 15 Days
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
Master Your Skills
Become a Professional
Build a Career!

Git Training in Nepal

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Broadway Infosys Nepal has introduced Git training in Nepal to make the students familiar with free and open source software Git designed to version control resource, manpower and projects.

Since Git shares a large platform for new ideas and solutions, Broadway is bent on scheduling Git training in Nepal so that Nepalese IT enthusiasts can brandish their notion and concepts in the global market. This course is administered in a career-oriented manner with an objective to help candidates become a big-time IT developer. In any case, an area of IT is an open door with Broadway providing Git training in Nepal.


Benefits of Git Training

Candidates can enjoy following benefits after successfully completing the training:

  • Gain sufficient knowledge to contrast and work on Github and Gitlab.
  • Adds the concept of bug tracking, task management and wikis to your knowledge.
  • Code any projects and design them according to your need and demand.
  • Learn to work as a team with other remarkable developers.
  • Helps to maintain a quality Github profile to aid you on your job resume.
  • Helps to navigate a high profiled network and connect with them.
  • Infinite ideas and encouragement assured at any time.

Git is hands down the best web service to keep track of all your projects. And its benefits are as clear as all the bulleted lines proclaimed above. Thus, we encourage the interested students to pursue this training to become a professional Github user.

Benefits of Git Training at Broadway Infosys

The correct institution always comes with some benefits to enjoy for the candidates. So here are some benefits to choose Broadway for Github training.

  • We run our classes with highly experienced IT professionals.
  • Access to well-equipped lab and technologies.
  • Training cost is very reasonable.
  • Discounts are available to deserving students.
  • Github tutorial videos are made available for both beginners and professionals.
  • Candidates are assigned to a project for nursing their creative skills.
  • Earn a concept of leadership and teamwork.

Broadway Infosys is enrolling students for upcoming training routine. So if you are looking to master Git while enjoying all the benefits listed above, please make sure to register your name on the list.

git Training in Nepal - Outlines
    Git and GitHub Training in Nepal
  • Introduction

    • Welcome and Course Goals
    • Course Overview
    • Course Study Tips
    • Why Command Line?
    • Why Source Control?
    • Why Git?
    • Key Git Terminology
  • Git Installation

    • Installation Overview
    • Installing Git for Windows
    • Installing Git on Mac OS X
  • Git - Online Repositories

    • Github
    • Bitbucket
    • Gitlab
  • Git Commands

    • Basic Commands Overview
    • Starting with a Fresh Project (git init)
    • Adding Git to an Existing Project (git init)
    • Starting on GitHub by Joining an Existing Project (git clone)
    • Basic Git Workflow (add, commit, pull & push)
    • Tracked Files
    • Editing Files
    • Recursive Add
    • Backing Out Changes
    • Renaming and Moving Files
    • Deleting Files
    • History
    • Git Alias
    • Ignoring Unwanted Files and Folders
    • Cleanup and Back to Origin (GitHub)
    • Git Basics Resources
  • Branching And Merging

    • Branching Basics
    • Happy Path / Fast Forward Merges
    • Happy Path / Disable Fast Forward Merges
    • Automatic Merges
    • Conflicting Merges and Resolution
    • Section Cleanup and Push back to GitHub
  • Rebasing

    • Simple Rebase Example
    • Setup for rebasing conflict
  • Conclusion

    • Multiple remote, fetch
    • Simple illustrated example


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