Go Programming Training In Nepal

Go Programming Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 2 Months ( 70 Hrs. )
Career: Go Programmer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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GO programming training in Nepal

GO is an open source programming language invented by Google in order to manage their production system. With a same objective, Broadway Infosys introduces GO programming training in Nepal focused on delivering sound knowledge of programming development to the common public. This course is bent on laying down programming foundation for IT enthusiast of Nepal as this course is designed as beginner level training program which is to help novices improve on their programming skill. The number of companies seeking for GO programmers in Nepal is increasing day by day. So for many students, Broadway has provided the perfect platform for those wanting to become GO programmer.


Benefits of GO programming training

GO programming training develops following skills in students which helps them to obtain benefits as below:

  • Learn to understand general concept of GO programming.
  • Learn GO installation and its development environment.
  • Enhances familiarity with dynamic typing, quick and convenient compilation on Go.
  • Development of credibility and confidence sharpens
  • Offers endless job opportunities in giant tech companies.
  • Career as GO programmer uplifts reputation.

This course is strongly recommended to any students or graduates aiming to develop their career as programmer. Therefore, interested candidates can contact us and save their seats at earliest for upcoming training session.

Benefits of learning GO programming at Broadway Infosys Nepal

Students attending GO programming training under supervision of experts at Broadway can obtain following benefits.

  • Resourceful training lab available at any time.
  • Reasonable training cost
  • Discount to needy and deserving students is guaranteed.
  • GO programming experts are deployed as instructors.
  • Regular projects involving student to solve real world problems.
  • Opportunity to explore and network with GO community.
  • Availability of training in an interactive environment.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of the Go programming language.
  2. Write efficient and idiomatic Go code.
  3. Build robust and scalable applications using Go.
  4. Apply best practices for error handling, testing, and documentation in Go.
  5. Utilize Go's standard library and third-party packages effectively.
  6. Develop RESTful APIs and perform HTTP operations in Go.
  7. Work with databases using Go's database/sql package.
  8. Deploy Go applications and understand deployment considerations.
  9. Understanding of git and docker

Go Programming Training In Nepal - Outlines
    Go: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques
  • Introduction to Go and Basics

    • Introduction to Go programming language and its features
    • Setting up the Go development environment
    • Writing and running your first Go program
    • Go syntax, variables, data types, and operators
    • Control flow statements: if-else, switch, loops
    • Functions, function parameters, and return values
    • Introduction to packages and imports
  • Go Language Fundamentals

    • Arrays, slices, and maps in Go
    • Structs and custom types
    • Pointers and references in Go
    • Working with strings in Go
    • Error handling in Go
    • Writing tests in Go
  • Concurrency and Goroutines

    • Introduction to concurrency in Go
    • Goroutines and the `go` keyword
    • Channels and channel communication
    • Synchronization with wait groups and mutexes
    • Understanding race conditions and data races
    • Working with select statements
    • Error handling in concurrent Go programs
  • Go Standard Library and Third-Party Packages

    • Exploring Go's standard library
    • Working with files and directories
    • Networking and HTTP operations in Go
    • Introduction to popular third-party packages
    • Managing dependencies with Go modules
  • Advanced Topics

    • Working with databases in Go using the database/sql package
    • Introduction to ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) in Go
    • Introduction to web development in Go
    • Building RESTful APIs with Go
    • Handling HTTP requests and responses in Go
    • Middleware and authentication in Go
  • Advanced Topics (continued) and Deployment

    • Concurrency patterns and techniques in Go
    • Documentation and best practices in Go
    • Deployment considerations for Go applications
    • Performance optimization techniques
    • Final project and code review
  • Final Project Overview

    • Build a REST API using Go
    • Use of ORM (eg. GORM, etc)
    • Use of database (eg. MySQL, Postgres, etc)
    • Use of web framework (eg. Gin, echo, etc)

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