Adobe Illustrator Training in Nepal

Illustrator Graphic Design Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1 Month ( 45 Hrs. )
Career: Illustrator Designer
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Adobe Illustrator Training in Nepal

This vector graphics software training offers specific graphics design skills to students who are new to Adobe Illustrator or are familiar to its implications.  Broadway provides career-oriented Adobe Illustrator training in Nepal to make students familiar with digital graphics, illustrations and typography for all forms of media. The target audience for this course includes experienced and aspiring graphics designers, illustrators and marketing executives. It is a very effective adobe illustrator training in Nepal as Broadway Infosys is a provider that ensures students understanding the capability and set the course at a steady pace. Also, it teaches real world implications of Illustrator in print, web and any interactive media.

Benefits of Adobe Illustrator Training in Nepal

Candidates achieve following benefits by learning Adobe Illustrator:

  • Helps to understand an overview of Adobe Illustrator as vector graphics software.
  • Gain familiarity with Illustrator's user interface and key features.
  • Develops personality and professionalism.
  • Learn to create and merge complex vector shapes using Illustrator tools.
  • Job opportunities in giant tech companies.
  • Earns respect in your jobs
  • Endless career opportunities follow.

Benefits of Adobe Illustrator Training at Broadway Infosys

Candidates attending Adobe Illustrator training at Broadway Nepal can obtain benefits like these.

  • Experienced and certified experts as instructors/trainers
  • Customized training courses available on demand
  • Regular theoretical and practical assignments
  • Interactive and participative learning environment
  • Good opportunity to connect with Adobe illustrator community
  • Internship and job placement opportunity for deserving trainees
  • Guest lectures by industry experts on emerging trends in digital graphics.

The main benefits for those undergoing or about to take the training at Broadway are that they are enrolling into the most successful IT institution of the nation. Therefore, one can simply imagine what Broadway can offer, for instance, connection or network in biggest companies of Nepal.

Career Option

A good number of graphics designers, illustrators and many other professionals join Adobe Illustrator training round the year at Broadway. If you are interesed to learn this course from experienced and certified experts please feel free to reach out to us via any medium. It is always a wise decision to reserve our upcoming illustrator training session at the earliest as number of interested students is very high.

Adobe Illustrator Training in Nepal - Outlines
    Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Overview of Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics program that enables the aspiring graphic designers to develop professional high quality print, type effects and web designs. The mentioned course has its main objective to guide trainees to produce good-looking, high quality graphics such as logos and advertisements with type and graphics. The trainees will create logos with professional look and feel, type effects and convert bitmaps to vector artworks by rightly using the colors, layers, gradients, fonts, and photos with illustrations and text effects. The audiences for overview illustrator course are Graphic designers or individuals looking for design job and responsibilities.

  • Course Objectives

    After the successful completion of Adobe Illustrator course the trainees will:

    Understand Bezier curves, create and enhance logos and images using simple shapes and custom paths, manage complex illustrations using layers, create type effects and prepare Illustrator files for printing as well as using in websites. 

  • Introduction

    • Custom workspace
    • Control Palettes & menus
    • Smartguides
    • Rulers, guides, grids, snap to
    • Outline & Preview modes
    • Navigation & Scroll shortcuts
    • How Illustrator Works
    • Components for Images
    • Vectors v Bitmaps
    • Text, Shapes & Colour
  • Drawing

    • Using the shape tools
    • Transforming tools
    • Drawing with the line tools
    • The ‘warp tool’ flyout
    • Symbols in Illustrator
    • Developing a logo
    • Tin can drawing
    • Spoked wheel drawing
    • Selecting, Copying and Moving
    • Rotating, Skewing, Aligning, Grouping and Duplicating Objects
    • Locking and Hiding
    • Special Effects and alterations
    • Drawing Tools such as rectangle, ellipse, polygon, Star
    • Fills and Colors
    • Drawing curves
    • The Average and Join commands
    • Eraser tool
  • Images

    • Importing & placing images
    • Turning Bitmap into Vector
    • Color
    • Basic Colors & Stroke palette
    • Types of Color; Color modes
    • Spot v Process colors
    • Gradient and Patterns
    • Dragging color
    • Understanding & using ‘stroke’ and ‘fill’ attributes
    • Using Swatches
    • Use the Paint Bucket tool
  • Text

    • Creating Text objects
    • Artistic and Paragraph text
    • Coloring and Filling text
    • Adding ‘point’ type and ‘area’ type
    • Add type to a vector path
    • Create type outlines
    • Linking Paragraphs
    • Type Effects
    • Placing Text Around Objects
    • Find & replace & Spellcheck
  • Arranging and aligning objects

    • Using ‘group’ and ‘duplicate’
    • Layer objects hiding and locking
    • Using ‘isolation mode’
    • Using Align and Distribute
    • Compound paths
    • Clipping masks
  • Working with Paths

    • Creating & Editing Paths
    • Pen Tool
    • Draw straight lines
    • Draw continuous curves
    • Shift an anchor point or a line
    • Convert smooth points into corner
    • Convert points in an existing object
    • A curve shaping
    • Converting an anchor point
    • Pinch a curve inward
    • Add, adjust, delete points
    • Bezier curves
  • Printing & Saving

    • Previewing
    • The Print Dialog & Printing
    • Defining a crop area
    • Saving in non-Vector formats
    • Save for Web
  • Using Brushes

    • Draw using Paintbrush tool
    • Edit a brushstroke to an existing path
    • Conversion of a brushstroke to outlined paths
    • Creation and modification of brushes
    • Create a new brush library
    • Edit a scatter, art or pattern brush
  • Gradients

    • Object filling using a gradient
    • Creation and modification of gradient 
    • Use the Gradient tool 
    • Create and edit Gradient meshes
  • Transforming Objects

    • Rotate, Scale or shear
    • Flip and slant
    • The bounding box
    • Use the Free Transform tool
  • Layers

    • Creation and modification(Editing) of layers
    • Create a sub layer
    • Hide and Lock
    • The layers Palette
  • Illustrator effects

    • Removal of layer effects 
    • Live shapes with text 
    • 3D Shapes with Revolve
    • Applying a Convert to Shape effect 
    • Inner/Outer Glow & Add Arrowheads
  • Using Live Trace

    • Automatically trace artwork
    • Converting objects
  • Filters

    • Scribble, tweak & Twist
    • Puker or bloat an object
    • Rough up a shape 
    • Rotating path points
    • Raster filters
    • Pen and Ink filter
  • Essentials

    • The Photoshop Screen
    • Getting to know the Tools & Palettes
    • Utilizing guides, grids and rulers
    • Zoom shortcuts and convenient navigation

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