Hardware and Networking Training

Hardware & Networking Training Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 2.5 Months
Career: Hardware and Networking Professionals
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Hardware and Networking Training in Nepal

Hardware and networking training is win-win for everyone as learners can benefit from the skills they acquire, on the other hand, customers can find reliable and skilled Hardware expert. Broadway, as one of the leading IT establishments in the nation, offers a very effective and inclusive course for hardware and networking training in Nepal. This course establishes the connection between the hardware component and the learners that enables them to build a swift network. Hardware and networking training at Broadway Nepal helps trainees to understand basic hardware and networking component which gives them a firsthand idea about hardware and networking failure. Techniques of remedies also remain an advanced part of the training. Overall, Broadway offers practical knowledge on Hardware and network under the supervision of hardware and networking experts.


Benefits of Hardware and Networking Training

Students can obtain following abilities and benefits by undergoing hardware and networking training:

  • Opportunity to become qualified hardware and networking technician and trainer.
  • Demand for Hardware and networking experts are very high.
  • Practical skills are prioritized over theoretical knowledge.
  • Ability to draw a line between the internet and intranet.
  • Creative enhancement of hardware and networking skills
  • Excessive career opportunities in IT job market
  • Learners can start up their own business

We conduct our Hardware and networking training sessions in a very technological environment with sufficient training resources. Therefore, save your seats at the earliest to reserve your seats.

Benefits of Hardware and Networking Training at Broadway Infosys

Benefits that students can obtain upon joining Hardware and networking training at Broadway are as follows.

  • Experienced hardware and networking professionals as instructor.
  • Prepares the student for hardware and networking certification exam.
  • Resourceful training lab is available at any time.
  • Guaranteed internship and job placement opportunity.
  • Practical classes mimicking real-world scenario.
  • Projects are given to test the ability of the students.
  • Interactive and friendly learning environment.

Hardware and Networking Training - Outlines
  • Level- I

    Introduction of Computer

    • Introduction to Computer
    • Understanding Hardware and Software concept
    • Various Devices- Input and Output

    Service and Accessories Tools

    • Introduction to Various tools

    Major Components

    • Inside & Outside components
    • Types of Motherboard
    • Processor
    • Ram
    • Hard disk
    • CD\DVD Drive
    • SMPS
    • Assembling & Disassembling
    • External cards
    • (Lan card,Usb cards,audio cards, graphics card)

    BIOS and CMOS

    • BIOS and CMOS Introduction
    • BIOS and CMOS Setting
    • Introduction to VMWARE (Virtual Machine)

    Operating System and Application Software Installation

    • Introduction of Operating System
    • Installation of Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, LINUX/ Ubuntu)
    • Operating System Repair and Restore
    • Drivers Installation
    • Various Software
    • Anti-Virus Installation, Scanning and Update
    • Creating and cracking Admin Password, Creating Bootable USB for Windows XP, 8 and 10, Deep Freeze
    • Creating CD Image, CD and DVD Burn

    Computer Management

    • User Account Creation
    • Access control to files and folders in local computers
    • Defining Quota
    • Folder Lock
    • Protection and Encryption
    • Disk Management


    • Assembling & Dissembling Accessories (Monitor, Keyboard, CD/DVD/ Mouse/ Hard Disk)
    • Folder Hide
    • Hide local drive in Windows XP
    • RAM and Processor
    • SMPS (Switch-mode Power Supply)
    • Windows Task Manager
    • Troubleshooting on Operating System and Application software
    • Virtual Memory setting


    • Outlook Express Configuration
    • Networks Types
    • Installation of Windows Server
    • Modem/ Switch
    • TCP/IP Configuration
    • Configuration of LAN
    • Wireless and wired Network
    • Twisted Pair Cable and Clamping
    • Router Configure
    • Sharing Internet/ Files and Folders and Devices
    • Create Domain
    • Creating Users and Access Define
  • Level II

    Analog Electronics- AC/ DC Fundamentals.

    • Types of Circuit
    • Types of Material, Current, voltage, watt, ampere
    • Resistor, capacitor
    • diode transistor
    • MOSFET
    • Fuse, Induction,
    • Testing Procedure and used of components,
    • Soldering and removing of different components,
    • Instrument used for Repairing

    Digital Electronics

    • Gates (AND OR NOT NOR)
    • Decoders
    • Multiplexers
  • Level III

    Desktop And Laptop Motherboard 

    • Introduction to Motherboard
    • Components identification of Laptop/Desktop motherboard

    VIN Section- Adapter Power

    • VIN voltage checking
    • Resistors volt and adapter current checking
    • Power Failure Troubleshooting
    • Always voltage checking

    Battery and Charge

    • Function of Battery Charge Circuit
    • Function of NMOS Charging Circuit
    • MOSFET Checking and troubleshooting

    Steep Down Regulator 3V and 5V

    • Introduction of 3V and 5V Step Down Regulator Circuit.
    • Function of 3v and 5v Step Down Regulator Circuit.
    • Step Down Regulator Circuit Voltage Checking Method and troubleshooting

    CPU Vcore (VRM) Regulator

    • CPU V-Core circuit component and socket introduction
    • Function of Vcore Circuit
    • Vcore circuit voltage checking and troubleshooting

    DDR Memory Regulator

    • DDR Memory Regulator circuit introduction
    • Function of DDR Memory Regulator circuit
    • DDR Memory Regulator circuit checking and troubleshooting

    Chipset Regulator

    • Chipset VTT Regulator circuit Introduction
    • Function of Chipset VTT Regulator circuit
    • Chipset VTT Regulator circuit checking and troubleshooting

    Graphics (GPU) Regulator

    • GPU Regulator Circuit Introduction
    • Function of GPU Regulator Circuit
    • GPU Regulator Circuit checking and troubleshooting

    Clock Generator

    • Clock Generator circuit Introduction
    • Function of Clock Generator circuit
    • Clock Generator circuit checking and troubleshooting Model-1
    • Clock Generator circuit checking and troubleshooting Model-2

    Cold Checking

    • Introduction to MOSFET
    • Locating of MOSFET for Laptop/Desktop motherboard
    • Eight lead N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFET and its point identifying methods.
    • Introduction to duel MOSFET and Check Duel MOSFET
    • 3 Leg N-Chnanel and P-Channel MOSFET
    • Lenovo Laptop Battery Charging Failure Problems and Troubleshooting.
    • HP Laptop Battery Charging Failure Problem and Troubleshooting.
    • Identify the 'No Display' Problem for Laptop Motherboard.

    Super IO Section

    • Identification of Super IO Chip for Various Motherboards
    • Function of Super IO chip 
    • Super IO chip checking and troubleshooting 

    Laptop Motherboard SMD IC Soldering Practice

    • Superior IO Chip Removing and Re-fixing Methods.
    • Keyboard Connector Removing and Refixing Method
    • Other Connectors Removing and Refixing Methods.
    • USB Troubleshooting
    • Power Switch Circuit Checking Mehtod
    • Motherboard Troubleshooting model-1, 2 and 3

    Voltage Checking

    • Voltage Checking model
    • Hard Disk (HDD) connector voltage checking and troubleshooting
    • DVD connector voltage checking and troubleshooting
    • Internal Keyboard and Touch Pad connector voltage checking and troubleshooting

    LCD Display Connectors

    • LCD Connectors Pinouts Introduction.
    • LCD Connectors Voltage Checking and its Troubleshooting.

    Laptop / Desktop Adapter

    • Open Adapter
    • Adapter Circuit Components
    • Functions of Adapters and Fault Finding
    • Adapters Fault Finding and Troubleshooting.

    Audio Section

    • Function of Audio Codec Chip and its circuit
    • Circuit of Speakers and how it works
    • Audio Circuit Voltage Checking and its Troubleshooting.

    BGA Chip Removal and Rebelling Methods

    • Function of Audio Codec Chip and its circuit
    • Circuit of Speakers and how it works

    Audio Circuit Voltage Checking and its Troubleshooting.

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