IOS Training in Nepal

iOS App Development Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 2 Months
Career: iOS Developer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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iOS Training in Nepal

Broadway has initiated career-oriented iOS Training in Nepal to produce qualified iOS developer, who can skillfully design iOS apps using provided resources. Broadway simply aims to exploit the uprising demand of iOS-based developers through iOS development training in Nepal. As an illustration, we can take the outgrowing sales of iOS products by various organizations. Also, it is taking a wide career scope as different iOS related projects are distributed to the Nepalese developers from around the world. As for the trainee, our establishment is committed to offering the best tutoring, so that our vision could launch straight toward a success line.


Benefits of iOS App Development Training in Nepal

Smart phones are everywhere. And iOS developers are its connoisseur. Therefore, iOS learners can benefit from its iOS app development training in the following ways:

  • Learns to scheme and develop iOS applications
  • Will give you paramount knowledge of mobile application development.
  • Benefits from having better HTML support
  • Will give you a slight knowledge of X-code.
  • Learns to work with media API
  • Emphasis on Objective-C for coding.
  • Due to its trademark, there is a wide career scope for iOS apps.

Benefits of iOS training at Broadway Infosys 

Different institutions are providing iOS training courses. The reasons to choose Broadway Infosys are very simple.

  • Able to learn through highly experienced and professional mentors.
  • Gadgets and tools required to provide the adequate knowledge are available.
  • Training costs are legitimate with scholarships provided to the remarkable individual.
  • Provides pragmatic knowledge of real case scenario.
  • Provides iOS development course in the friendly and engaging environment.
  • Provides a training staying prompt with new Apple updates.

IOS Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • iOS App Development with Swift 5.1

    IOS Apps Development Courses

    Courses Outline:- iOS App Development Training 

    learn iOS 10 and swift 5.1
    Swift Fundamentals / Basic UIKit

    • Introduction iOS / xCode / devices / Playground
    • Variables, Types, and Control Flow
    • Optional Types, Collections, Enums
    • Functions and Closures
    • Classes and Structures
    • Extensions / Property Observers
  • Advance UIKit / Advance Swift

    • Operators
    • Generics / Size Classes
    • Error Handling
    • Singletons
    • Operator Overloading
    • Protocol
  • AVFoundation

    • Using Camera to take Pictures
    • Use Gallery to add pictures in projects.
    • Use Sound files
    • Record Audio
    • Record Video


  • View Controllers

    • UITableViewController
    • UICollectionViewController
    • UITabBarController
    • UINavigationController
    • UIPageViewController / Animation
    • App State


  • Networking / Persistence

    • URLSession
    • Parsing JSON with NSJSONSerialization
    • Refactoring To Use HTTPGetRequest
    • User Defaults / UIDocument
    • Working with Files / NSKeyedArchiver
  • Notification (Local / Remote), Using External Library

    • MapKit Framework
    • Push Notification / Local Notification
    • Gestures, Taps, and Touches / Timer
    • LocationKit
    • Third Party Dependency (Cocoapod, Carthage)
    • Localization
  • Extension Series

    • Drawing / UIControl
    • Swift / Objective-C Interoperability
    • Version Control (git, bitbucket)
    • Code Quality
    • Adding Custom fonts / Images
    • Submitting to the App Store
    • Storyboards / UILabel / UIView / Outlet / IBAction
    • UITextField / UITextView
    • UIButton / UISegmentControl / UISwitch
    • UIScrollView / UISlider
    • UIWebView / UIStackView
    • UIAlertController
    • UIDatePicker / UIPickerView
    • Auto Layout / Access Control, Adaptive Layout
  • Integrating Social Services:-

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google
  • Introduction to Game Framework (Intro Only)

    • Scenekit
    • SpriteKit
    • Metal
    • Game Kit
    • Submitting to the app store
  • Project Work

    The Final Project

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