IT Booster Training in Nepal

IT Booster Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1 Month ( 45 Hrs. )
Career: Computer Expert
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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IT Booster Training in Nepal

Demand of IT Trainings are always on the rise, unsurprisingly. Keeping this in mind, Broadway Infosys is introducing a new course: IT Booster Training in Nepal.

IT Booster Training allows the interested candidates to gain basic to advance knowledge and how it works in the current IT market, not only in Nepal but also in the international market.

So, what are you waiting for? Know about the course, send us an enquiry, and boost your skills in this course!


Benefits of IT Booster Training in Nepal

IT Booster Training consists of the following key benefits:

  • Job opportunities
  • Deep understanding about IT and its scope and applications in the current market
  • Easy to understand and follow syllabus
  • Advancement in career and growth every step of the way
  • Established organizations looking for new candidates in a new field

Benefits of IT Booster Training at Broadway Infosys 

Broadway Infosys is introducing the IT Booster Training in Nepal and would like to inform the candidates about the following benefits that they can attain:

  • Experienced and qualified computer experts as instructors
  • Advanced computer labs with projectors and all necessary devices
  • Career-oriented classes with experience sharing by the instructor
  • Interactive and practical lessons
  • Customized training as per requirement of the trainees
  • Assistance in job placement and internship for deserving students

IT Booster Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • General Troubleshooting

    • Computer not starting at all.
    • Casing seems to work but no display at monitor.
    • UPS not working.
    • Printer not working.
    • Email not functional.
    • Internet not working.
    • Microsoft Outlook problems.
    • Antivirus Problems.
    • Pen Drive files and folders problems.
    • Headphones not working.
    • Computer too slow.
  • Office File Management and Data Security

    • Using Unicode for quick and global Nepali typing.
    • Using Email/Internet efficiently and using multimedia.
    • Simple File Sharing and internet.
    • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Operation with Tips and Tricks.
    • Saving and managing important files.
    • Using alternative location to store sensitive files.
    • Password Protect private and sensitive files.
    • Using Cloud Storage for greater security of files even in the case of total computer loss or damage.
    • Using Dropbox for Cloud Storage of all your important files.
    • Dropbox account creation, installation and configuration.
    • Work on files at office and continue at home.
    • View and download your files at office from smartphone.
    • Using Versioning system for getting old versions of same file. (Highly useful)
    • Managing and Creating Strong but easy to remember passwords.
  • Laptop Troubleshooting

    • Laptop not starting.
    • Laptop seems running but no display.
    • Battery backup is very low or nil.
    • Laptop becomes very warm during operation.
    • Big and crackling sound comes from within the laptop.
    • Mouse pad and keyboard doesn’t function well.
    • Laptop is very slow.
    • Web Camera and Speakers and/or headphones and microphone not functioning properly.
    • “Windows Not Genuine” shows up every time.
    • Problem connecting to Projector and if connected display is garbled or not good.
  • Useful Tips and Tricks

    • Starting Laptop in less than 30 seconds.
    • Increasing battery backup duration.
    • Cooling the laptop by using Coolerpad.
    • Using Sleep, Shutdown, and Hibernate efficiently.
    • Bookmark favorite websites for later viewing.
    • Start favorite websites on browser startup.
    • Send many files and folders through email.
    • Charge mobile phones via USB cable.
    • Send SMS from laptop via your Smartphone.
    • Download online videos to computer for later viewing.
    • Safeguarding Pen Drive.
    • Backup and Restore Contacts in your mobile to prevent contact loss in case of mobile theft, loss etc.
    • Savings data/photo from Mobile phone, camera and other multimedia devices.
    • Best Practices to reduce risk and virus in office network and computer/laptop.
    • Modern State of the art gazettes know-how.

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