MEAN Stack Training in Nepal

MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS & Node.JS (MEAN Stack) Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 2 Months Career Option: FULL Stack Developer

We also offer online classes for trainees who cannot attend the classes physically

Mean Stack Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys offers Mean Stack training in Nepal in order to provide a student with understanding of complex web applications development using a combination of Javascript technologies, MongoDB (M), Express JS (E), Angular JS (A), Node JS (N). This course is designed to bring forth the competence in the students who are dedicated to the areas of IT. Also, the training aims to transcend the student's expertise in full stack development using only a single programming language. Ergo, Broadway introduces Mean Stack training in Nepal for any programmers seeking to develop themselves as a Mean Stack developer or a Full Stack developer.

Benefits of Mean Stack Training

Students can obtain following advantages and benefits if they undergo Mean Stack Training program.

  • Helps to understand synergy of Node JS, Angular JS, Express JS and MongoDB.
  • Provides the skills to engage in web and mobile app development process.
  • Availability of Isomorphic coding.
  • Develops professionalism and enhances credibility.
  • Gives a wide range of career scope.
  • Freelancing mode is also made available.

Many programmers swap to Mean Stack from LAMP stack for achieving the same purpose easily and efficiently. This reason is enough for any novice or professionals to learn Mean Stack. Broadway is the best option for learning Mean Stack as it has produced outstanding Full Stack developers that are working at popular IT companies of Nepal. Therefore, grab your seat at the earliest to make sure you don’t miss out in our upcoming Mean Stack training session.

Benefits of Mean Stack Training at Broadway Infosys

Candidates who are trained at Broadway can achieve the following benefits.

  • Professional Mean Stack experts as instructors.
  • Resourceful training lab is made available.
  • Interactive and productive learning environment.
  • Training cost is affordable.
  • Scholarship is provided to deserving students.
  • Project works are persistently given to test the ability of candidates.
  • Internships are guaranteed with high possibility of full-time job placement.

Pre-requisites for MEAN Stack Training

Prior knowledge and concept of Javascript is required for candidates to take this training course. Angular JS, Express JS is a Java framework and its beforehand knowledge proves to be vital in learning Mean Stack training.

Courses Outline :- MEAN Stack Training in Nepal

Starting from backend technologies
Introduction of JavaScript programming language and technologies around
Introduction to development tools
Text Editor, IDE
Command Prompt (command line)
Git workflow (branching

  • Data types and variables
  • Conditionals, loop
  • Functions (inbuilt function)
  • Closure
  • Callbacks
  • Promises
  • Prototypes (prototype-based inheritance)
  • Array and Objects
  • Map reduce
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • ES5 and ES6 standards
  • Introduction to nodejs
  • Node package manager (npm)
  • Asynchronous and event loop in node js
  • Events and handling Events
  • Node CLI
  • Node modules
  • File handling with node js
  • Creating http server with nodejs
  • Introduction to websockets
  • Create realtime socket communication
  • The model-view-controller pattern in ExpressJS
  • Routing
  • HTTP interaction
  • Templating engine (jade,handlebars)
  • Request and Response
  • Handling form data
  • Handling query parameter
  • Status code response
  • Middlewares in Express
  • User authentication using jwt (json web token)
  • Garbage collection and error handling
  • Understanding NoSQL (schema less database)
  • Introduction to MongoDB (collection and documents)
  • Database modeling and Schema design (using mongoose)
  • Finding documents
  • Using robomongo (ui based database system)
  • Update, insert delete and upsert documents
  • Aggregation in mongodb
  • Introduction to REST API
  • Building APIs with express js
  • Using MongoDB as data store in express app with Mongoose
  • Basic Web Overview
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Introduction to css frameworks (Bootstrap)
  • SPA & Angularjs 2 framework architecture
  • Typescript
  • Class based inheritance
  • Component based architecture
  • Module based architecture
  • Routing
  • Data binding (one way & Two-way binding)
  • Pipes and Directives
  • Forms and Forms Validation
  • Observables & promises (rxjs map,subscribe,catch)
  • Dependency injection
  • Services ($http)
  • Decorators
  • Introduction to frontend build tools (angular CLI, Webpack)

Real-time project development techniques and problems discussion Project time 1 Weeks
Third party library integration (multer, nodemailer …..Etc.)

Building independent frontend and backend application and communicating with each other.

As per the recommendation of students, one of the following projects will be done by the instructor themselves!

  • Inventory Management System
  • E-commerce Web Application
  • Real-Time Application(Order processing,Tracking)
  • Real-Time messaging (Chat Application)
  • Task Management Tool
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