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MERN Stack Development Training in Nepal

MERN Stack Development Training

Duration: 1.5 Career Option: MERN Stack Developer


Broadway Infosys has been providing MERN STACK training in Nepal under the guidance of highly qualified MERN STACK experts. MERN STACK training focuses on building a solid foundation for the development of complex web applications. The training aims to provide expertise in full stack development with MongoDB, Express, React Js and Node Js.

MERN STACK uses a uniform language in both client side and server side which comprised of four components namely:

  • MongoDB: MongoDB operates as a database of the application which stores data.
  • Express: Express offers robust features to the web application and runs within the Node.js environment.
  • ReactJS: Frontend library to build interactive/reactive user interfaces.
  • NodeJS: Runtime environment that helps in server-side scripting


Benefits of MERN STACK

Candidates enrolled for the MERN STACK has a lot of benefits, including the major advantages such as :

  • Easy integration of client-side and the server-end.
  • Build data-driven applications along with simple test, secure and deployment of the code.
  • Provide a great understanding of modern tools and techniques.
  • Able to design and build a web application following the industry’s best practices.
  • Build SPAs with the industries best practices.
  • MERN stack developers have high pay roles.
  • Maintain the code isomerism as Javascript used throughout the project.
  • Reduction in cost of disk space as a project is cloud compatible.
  • Abundance career and job opportunities follow.


The core objective of this course is to train developers in Nepal to create a proficient expert to able to work with both back end and front end technologies using a single language, Javascript. Broadway has proven to accomplish in its objectives since its establishment.

Benefits of MERN Stack Development Training at Broadway Infosys

Candidates enrolled at MERN STACK training at Broadway Infosys can obtain several benefits:

  • Assisted by highly qualified professional having plenty of experience in the development field.
  • Classes run by a team of instructors and experts.
  • Regular practical classes
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Guaranteed internship opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunities for the deserving student
  • Qualified and recognized MERN STACK developers can enroll as instructors as a part of knowledge sharing.
  • Creation of individual projects at the end of each course.
  • Supervision and evaluation for the project work

As a leading IT institution in Nepal, Broadway provides excellent IT services, MERN STACK training is no different. Hurry up to enroll your name and reserve your seats at the earliest for our upcoming training session.


Pre-requisites for MERN Stack Development Training

Candidates wishing to take this training must have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Git.

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