MongoDB Training in Nepal

MongoDB Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

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MongoDB Training in Nepal

MongoDB is an open source document database capable of storing and processing data with high performance and convenient scalability. Unlike traditional RDMS systems MongoDB is a cross-platform document oriented database system categorized as a NoSQL database. In comparison to Oracle and other popular database systems MongoDB is relatively new, however, it has sparked wider interests with its NoSQL features, MapReduce calculation capability and distributed key value store. In general, MongoDB is one of the finest databases for storing and processing of Big Data and anyone with its expertise has good career opportunity


Benefits of MongoDB Training in Nepal

  • MonoDB is flexible and scalable for storing large amount of data
  • It is powerful enough to function like RDBMS
  • Increasing demand of Big Analytics professionals with MongoDB expertise in developed IT industry
  • MongoDb expertise can fulfill the talent deficits of Data Scientists and Analytics Consultants who are in huge demand globally
  • Increasing community engagement in the form of MongoDB User Groups and MongoDB Customer Advocacy Hub

Benefits of MongoDB Training at Broadway Infosys 

  • Certified experts as instructors
  • Well equipped training labs
  • Support for placement for deserving trainees
  • Interactive and participative classes
  • Flexible timing
  • Supervision of project work by instructors and industry experts

MongoDB Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Course Outline:

    •     Understanding NoSQL (schema less database)
    •     Introduction to MongoDB (collection and documents)
    •     Database modeling and Schema design (using mongoose)
    •     Finding documents
    •     Using robomongo (ui based database system)
    •     Update, insert delete and upsert documents
    •     Aggregation in mongodb

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