Ms Project Training

Ms Project Training in Nepal

MS Project Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1 Month Career Option: Ms Project Project Coordinator

We also offer online classes for trainees who cannot attend the classes physically

Microsoft Project Management Training

We are one of the best IT training institutes in Nepal and offering Microsoft Project Training For project managers internationally, it is often considered the industry-standard tool for managing project schedules, resources, reporting milestones and status to upper management, and controlling issues and risks that affect the timely release of project deliverables. This project management software can Significantly improve the productivity of small or large size of Organization.

Why MS Project Training?

  • One of the most powerful project management software
  • To understand and implement smart ideas to manage available resources for efficient and effective project management
  • To learn ways to provide logical direction to the projects
  • To understand how to complete projects within allocated time and budgets
  • To build realistic project schedule for matching right resources for the right task at the right time
  • To understand and implement the effective strategies for project communication among project staffs
  • To enhance overall project management

Key Features of MS Project

  • Scheduling
  • Resource assignments (man-machine-material)
  • Cost control and budget management
  • Quality management
  • Tracking progress
  • Report generation

Who should Attend Microsoft Project Management Training?

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • R & D Manager
  • Training & Development Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Engineer
  • Business Development Officer
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Manager & Director
  • Executive Director
  • Marketing Manager

Benefits of MS Project Training in Nepal

  • High demand of Project handlers
  • Job opportunities at NGOs and INGOs
  • Chances of working in international companies

Benefits of MS Project Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • Highly experienced MS Projct experts as instructors.
  • Suffices all the training equipment.
  • Affordable training cost
  • Discounts are made available to deserving and needy students.
  • Career counseling is offered before beginning or after completing the training.

Pre-requisites for Ms Project Training

There is no pre-requisite for MS Project training. However, basic knowledge of MS applications will be a plus.

Courses Outline :- Ms Project Training in Nepal
  • Introduction of scheduling and planning and application
  • Various tools of Planning of Projects
  • Methods of Network analysis and application
  • Bar chart /Gant chart
  • Critical path method (CPM)
  • Program evaluation and research technique (PERT)
  • Resource Leveling
  1. MS Project basic information
  1. Start MS Project
  2. Create New Project
  3. Project Information
  4. Change File Properties
  5. Build Task List
  6. Enter Task
  7. Enter Duration
  8. Change Default Time Dimensions
  9. Enter Task Duration
  10. Create Milestones
  11. Create Summary Task
  12. Link Tasks
  13. Respect Links
  1. Introduction of Resource
  2. Enter Work Resource Names
  3. Resource Max Capacity
  4. Enter Resource Cost
  5. Add Notes to Resources
  6. Set Up Cost Resources
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