MYSQL Training in Nepal

Database Training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 2 Weeks
Career: MySQL Administrator
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MYSQL Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys provides an international-standard MySQL course with an aim to produce world-class database management experts. The topics are designed by professional MySQL experts and they are the very ones who will be taking classes so that any query can be solved without delay.

MySQL has been dominating the databases for quite a while now. It is available for free to be used by anyone and at any time. MySQL, an open sourse Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), uses Structured Query Language (SQL). Also, it is to be noted that SQL is one of the most popular and in-demand language. SQL can be used for addition, access and management of database content. Also, one of its main feature is that it grants quick processing, reliability, ease and flexible while using.

Benefits of MYSQL Training in Nepal

  • It is open source and widely used relational database system
  • Relatively cost-efficient and easy to use
  • Developed for fast data processing and retrieving
  • Various Support Forums available for guidance and mutual learning
  • MySql being compatible with almost every operating system
  • Currently adopted by thousands of companies
  • Plenty of work offers for individuals with MySql expertise in foreseeable future
  • Good career opportunity as Database Administrator, Data Analyst and so on

Benefits of MYSQL Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • Certified and experienced professionals instructors.
  • Availability of resourceful training lab.
  • Affordable training cost
  • Internship and job placement opportunities.
  • Career counseling classes are also available.
  • Interactive learning environment.

MYSQL Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • MySQL Database Training

    • Installing MySQL 
    • General Installation Steps 
    • Installing MySQL on Windows 
    • Configuring MySQL on Windows 
    • Installing MySQL on Macintosh 
    • Installing MySQL on Linux
    • Basic Configuration Options 
    • Upgrading MySQL
  • Running MySQL

    • Running MySQL on Linux and Unix 
    • Using Mysqladmin 
    • Setting the Root User Password 
    • Using the Mysql Client 
    • Users and Privileges 
  • Database Design

    • Normalization
    • Understanding Keys
    • Understanding Relationships
    • First Normal Form
    • Second Normal Form 
    • Third Normal Form 
  • Creating a MySQL Database

    • MySQL Data Types
    • Extra Column Characteristics
    • Introduction to Indexes
    • Finalizing a Table's Design
    • Choosing a Storage Engine
    • Character Sets and Collations
    • Creating Databases
    • Creating Tables
    • Modifying Tables
  • Basic SQL

    • Using Values in Queries
    • Inserting Data
    • Selecting Data
    • Using Conditionals
    • Using LIKE and NOT LIKE
    • Performing Joins
    • Sorting Query Results
    • Limiting Query Results
    • Updating Data
    • Deleting Data 
  • MySQL 5 Features

    • Stored Routines
    • Using OUT Parameters
    • Triggers
    • Views 
  • MySQL Administration

    • The MySQL Administrator
    • Backing Up Databases
    • Importing Data
    • MySQL Logging
    • Database Maintenance
    • Improving Performance

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