6 Hours' git Training Offer from Broadway Infosys!

Published Date: 2020-09-22

With the demand of Information and its tracking being a hot topic recently, Broadway Infosys is very excited to announce the start of online GIT Course!!!

Course Details:
Duration: 6 Hours
Price: Rs. 2500/-

Apply and Register via the link below NOW!!!

Why learn GIT?
1. It makes version control easier
2. You can work in collaboration with others
3. It offers remote work management
4. It is the most popular in the segment
5. It offers wider career prospects

Spend just 6 hours of your time for 2 hours for 3 consecutive days and operate GIT professionally. This comprehensive course covers everything including introduction, commands, branching and everything you need to operate GIT.

Course Content:

Do not let this opportunity slip away!!