Broadway Infosys's Festival-EXCLUSIVE Offer!

30 Sep, 2020

#SureShot5kScholarship #ShareAndWinFullScholarship

✨ Broadway Infosys's Festival-EXCLUSIVE Rs. 5k Scholarship Offer! ✨

✔️ Enroll in any course and get sure-shot discount of hefty Rs. 5000.

Also, publicly, share this post from our social media, tag 3 friends and get a chance to win a full scholarship (full free training) for a course of your choice.

Let's go for a massive surge of knowledge-gaining and sharing on this festive season!

In terms of online classes, we are offering:
✅ Live online classes led by Industry-leading instructors
✅ Professional Learning with Practical Case-studies
✅ Internship Opportunities
✅ Wide Range of Job Opportunities

For inquiry:
For direct admission:

Please note that this offer is valid only till: 20th November 2020.

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