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Web Development with Laravel Training

Duration: 2 Months Career Option: Laravel Developer

Updated on: 17th Sep, 2018

Laravel Framework Training in Nepal

This training is designed for the aspiring web developers to prepare them well for handling advanced web development projects. The programmers with background knowledge of PHP are highly encouraged to take this course to groom their web development skills. Broadway Infosys Nepal has designed customized courses for providing Laravel Training in Nepal considering the popularity of this framework to develop advanced and responsive applications.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Installing and handling Laravel
  • Learning to develop powerful and dynamic web applications
  • Understand MVC capabilities of Laravel framework
  • Project work to develop Laravel based web application

Benefits of Laravel Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • One of the finest institutes to pursue Laravel training in Nepal
  • Highly experienced Laravel experts as instructors
  • More Emphasis on practical implications of Laravel’s core competencies
  • Internship and Placement opportunity after course completion
  • Well-equipped labs with sufficient training  resources
  • Regular practical exams after completion of particular topic
  • Opportunity to network with Laravel community
  • Web development career counseling after course completion

Why Laravel Training

  • Open-source Framework for web enthusiasts looking to build elegant websites
  • Development of website with simple and clean code
  • Easy user authentication
  • Rich with object-oriented libraries
  • Flexibility and control of routing system
  • Allows convenient testing of applications
  • Characterized by Expressive data migration and supports various database servers
  • Built-in servers to host small projects and run them on web browser
  • Laravel’s Query builder allows convenient creation and running of database queries
  • Easy switching to various storage options due to uniform API for each system
  • Effective queue management for faster response to user queries.

As professional web development is becoming one of the popular career choices in Nepal Laravel training is the perfect way to develop web development skills. Broadway receives hundreds of weekly inquiries for Laravel courses. Therefore, please feel free to fill up our inquiry or connect via our Facebook page or directly contact us to have your seat reserved in advance for our upcoming Laravel training session.

Pre-requisites for Laravel Training

Students attending this Laravel training course should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Prior knowledge of any programming language like C, C++ will be an advantage in better understanding of the environment.

Courses Outline :- Web Development with Laravel Training
  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Concept of Composer
  • Install & Use of Composer
  • Installing Laravel using composer
  • Install & Use of open source distributed version control system GIT
  • Concept & Use of GitHub for hosting GIT repositories
  • Configuring Laravel
  • Project Structure
  • Setting up Development and Debugging Tools
  • Basic Routing
  • Named Routing
  • Grouped Routing
  • Routing Parameters
  • Handling Invalid Routes
  • Route filtering with Middleware
  • Introduction
  • Basic Controllers
  • Restful Resource Controllers
  • Controller Routing
  • Controller Middleware
  • Handling Request Info.
  • Request Inputs
  • Form Inputs
  • Old Inputs
  • Cookies
  • Files
  • Attach Headers and Cookie to response
  • Response with View
  • Response with JSON
  • Response with File
  • Introduction
  • Migration
  • Schema Building
  • Migration Structure
  • Running Migration
  • Writing Migration
  • Seeding
  • Database Configuration
  • Running Raw SQL queries
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Defining Model
  • Retrieving Model
  • Insert & Update Model
  • Deleting Model
  • Eloquent Relationship
  • One to One
  • One to Many
  • Many to Many
  • Passing data to view
  • Sharing data to all views
  • Blade Template Engine
  • Introduction
  • Template Inheritance
  • Displaying Data
  • Implement Control Structures
  • Installation
  • Generating form
  • CSRF Protection
  • Form Elements
  • Labels
  • Text, Text Area, Password & Hidden Fields
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  • File Input
  • Number Input
  • Date Input
  • Drop-Down Lists
  • Buttons
  • Custom Form Macros
  • Authentication of our application
  • Introduction
  • Configuring Auth Library
  • Creating authentication system using Middleware
  • Artisan Console
  • Concept
  • Exception Handling and Error Logging
  • Laravel Helpers
  • Briefing through available helpers
  • Mail
  • Configuring & sending mail
  • Pagination
  • Session
  • Cache
  • Event
  • Laravel's events provides a simple observer implementation, allowing you to subscribe and listen for events in your application.
  • Localization
  • Helps create Multi-language application
  • Validation
  • Validation approaches
  • Validation Rules with associating messages
  • Custom Rules with associating custom messages
  • Request Lifecycle
  • Gives knowledge of how Laravel actually works.
  • Facade
  • Provides an easy way of accessing application class and librairies.
  • Service Providers in Laravel
  • Service providers are the central place of all Laravel application bootstrapping.
  • Service Containers in Laravel
  • Service container is a powerful tool for managing class dependencies and performing dependency injection.
  • Packages are the primary way of adding our custom functionality to Laravel which aren’t provide by framework. ACL ( Access Control List ) System using Laravel Authorization and available laravel acl packages Design Patterns followed while developing ecommerce web application
  • MVC
  • Repository Pattern
  • Strategy Pattern
  • Performing Gulp tasks using Laravel Elixier Use of Bower for managing Client Side Package Management System Unit Testing using Laravel’s built in Test Component.

Upcoming Class Schedule

25th Nov, 2018 Sunday
8:00AM - 9:30AM
16th Dec, 2018 Sunday
6:00PM - 7:30PM

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