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Data Science with Python Training in Nepal

Data Science with Python Training

Duration: 1.5 Months Data Science

Data Science with Python Training in Nepal

This training course is designed for students familiar with Python programming environment and anyone wishing to learn data analysis using Python. Broadway offers standard Data Science with Python Training in Nepal with an objective of producing qualified and competent data scientists. After the successful completion of this training the students will be able to implement the necessary steps to use Python for data analysis purpose.

Course Highlights

  • Basic introduction to Python programming environment
  • Understand fundamental Python programming techniques
  • Learn data manipulation and cleaning techniques using Python
  • Understand overall statistical analyses techniques using Python
  • Learn scientific data libraries (such as Pandas) in Python
  • Understand applied plotting, charting and data representation in Python
  • Learn applied machine learning in Python
  • Project Work

Benefits of Data Science with Python training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • Data scientists with expertise in Python programming as instructors
  • Opportunity to expand network with Python programmers and data scientists
  • Regular data analysis exercises to test specific Python skills aligning with data science
  • Interactive learning environment with well equipped training labs
  • Internship/job placement opportunity in relevant  position in reputed companies
  • Regular interaction with industry experts and data scientists
  • Affordable and reasonable cost of training


Courses Outline :- Data Science with Python Training in Nepal

Conceptual Steps for Data Science:

  1. Data Collection (Raw Data), Data Cleaning, Formatting, Ordering
  2. Exploring Data using Python Programming Language
  3. Achieving sense/insights from Data thru Visualization/Analysis.
  1. Introduction to Data Science with Python
    1. Data Science, Data Analysis, Web Scraping, Machine Learning
    2. Python Programming
  1. Overview, Requirement Installation
  2. Operators, Decision Making, Loops, Functions
  3. Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionary (Comprehensions)
  4. Lambda, zip, map, filter, reduce
  5. Modules (re, os, datetime, numpy..)
  6. Jupyter Notebook
  1. Python File Handling (CSV, JSON, XML, XSL..)
  2. Web Scraping (lxml, requests, urllib)
  1. Pandas (Data loading, Data Wrangling, Data Aggregation & Operations)
  2. Visualization using matplotlib, seaborn
  1. Jupyter Notebook , pdfPages