QA & PM Training in Nepal

Quality Assurance & Project Management Training

Duration: 2 Months
Career: QA PM
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Quality Assurance and Project Management Training.

Broadway Infosys provides quality assurance and project management training in Nepal to IT professionals with a unique blend of software testing and project management learning. During the initial sessions of this training, candidates are aspired to recognize the fundamentals of software testing, testing throughout the software lifecycle and verification and validation which are basically included in the theoretical section of the course. The training also features the practical sessions which  make the candidates familiar with real world implications of techniques of web application testing. During the later sessions of QA and PM training you get to learn about project management and significance of quality assurance automation for effective project management. You will enhance your practical knowledge of  software testing and smarter approaches to efficient project management while joining the topnotch QA & PM training in Nepal at Broadway.

Broadway offers QA and PM training in Nepal under guidance and supervision of professionally trained instructors. Above all, this training is delivered in a friendly and interactive environment. Therefore, reserve your seat at the earliest for the upcoming QA and PM training session and help your needy friends join one of the leading and trusted IT training institutes in Nepal.


Benefits of QA & PM Training

Students can achieve many benefits by learning QA & PM training. The key benefits include:

  • Learn to improve productivity and performance during quality assurance stage of software development life cycle
  •  Enhances the credibility to deal with clients by delivering higher quality applications
  •  Augments confidence and motivation of IT professionals
  •  Helps to stand out from the crowd amongst QA team members
  •  Helps to enhance quality assurance skills and result-oriented project management
  • Supports software test engineers in handling challenging projects
  • Helps learn software testing skills to save significant amount of time that needs to be devoted for validating tasks carried out by developers
  •  Develops leadership and communication skills required in software development environment
  •  Abundance of employment opportunity follows your way

Benefits of QA & PM training at Broadway Infosys

Candidates attending QA & PM training under Broadway are provided with following benefits and services.

  • Experience QA and PM professionals as instructors
  • Abundance of career opportunity as a QA and PM engineer
  • Well-equipped training labs with access to the latest technology
  • Team projects (Project works) are assigned in order as an assessment of trainees
  • Deserving students are provided with a scholarship opportunity
  • Guaranteed internship and job placement for deserving candidates
  • Guest lectures by industry experts

QA & PM Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Unit 1: Basic of QA Role

    • Why is Testing Necessary?
    • What is Testing?
    • Seven Testing Principles
    • Fundamental Test Process
    • The Psychology of Testing
    • Code of Ethics
    • Test Metrics
  • Unit 2: Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle

    • Software Development Models
    • Test levels/Test Types
    • Waterfall model
    • Spiral model
    • V model
  • Unit 3: Verification & Validation

    • Verification
      1. Inspection
      2. Walkthrough
      3. Reviews
    • Validation
      1. Unit
      2. Integration
      3. Functional
      4. System
      5. Acceptance
      6. AlphaandBetatesting
    • Difference between Verification and Validation
  • Practical Session:

    • Mind Map for Requirement Analysis
    • Test Plan
  • Unit 1: Manual Testing Techniques

    • Manual Techniques & the Test Process
    • Review Process
    • Manual Analysis by Tools
  • Unit 2: Test Case Design

    • Test Case Development Process
    • Categories of Test Design Techniques
    • Specification-Based or Black Box Techniques
    • Structure-Based or White Box Techniques
    • Experience-Based Techniques
    • Choosing Test Techniques
  • Unit 3: Test Data Design

    • Test Data Development Process
    • Scenerio Based Data Design
  • Unit 4: Web Application Testing

    • UI/UX Testing
    • Cross-browser Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Ad-hoc Testing
    • White-box & Black-box Testing
    • Regression & Integration Testing
  • Practical Session:

    • Intoduction to Test Link
    • Test Suite & Test Case
    • Test Data
    • Web Testing (UI/UX Testing, Cross-browser Testing, Functional Testing)
    • Tools: Jruler, Snagit, Xenu, Firebug (Inspection)
  • Unit 1: Automation Testing

    • Intoduction to Selenium IDE
    • Inspection of Element using Firebug
    • Locators: HTML, CSS, ID, Xpath (using Firepath)
    •  Automation Testing using Selenium
  • Unit 2: Load & Stress Testing

    • Basics of Load & Stress Testing
    • Load Testing using Jmeter
  • Unit 3: Security Testing

    • OWASP Fundamentals
    •  Security testing with ZAP
  • Practical Session:

    • Firepath for Xpath
    • Session Manager
    • Selenium IDE
    • Jmeter
    • Badboy & Blazemeter
    • ZAP

    Unit 1: Introduction to Basic Role
    Unit 2: Effective Communication Techniques
    Unit 3: Agile Methodology
    Unit 4: Scrum & Kanban
    Unit 5: Estimating Techniques using PERT & CPM

  • Practical Session:

    • MindMap
    • JIRA
    • HipChat
    • Confluence  Slack
    • Trello

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