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The Complete React Web Developer Course

React v16, Redux, Webpack, React-Router v4, and more!

Duration: 1.5 Months Career Option: React Developer

ReactJS Training in Nepal


The ReactJS training aims to provide essential tips to master ReactJS, the powerful JavaScript library. The web developers looking to excel their skills in front-end development are the target audience for React JS training in Nepal. We have introduced ReactJS training course in the backdrop of rapidly increasing global demand for ReactJS developers. As social media giants such as Facebook is relying on ReactJS to ensure excellent user interfaces, the popularity of this JS framework is exponentially increasing among the front-end developers.

After the successful completion of ReactJS course, the web developers are able to develop high-performance applications with small and reusable ReactJS components. Thus, we have designed professional ReactJS training course that guides the developers to build front-end applications with less time and effort. We are one of the trusted IT training institutes in Kathmandu with experienced instructors to provide ReactJS training in Nepal.

Benefits of ReactJS Training

ReactJS developers are among the ones with high paying job opportunities. Also, the active community of React developers and mentors offers interactive and participative learning to expand the knowledge base. Further, there are several benefits of learning ReactJS such as:

  • Understand best practices of ReactJS in front-end development
  • Become familiar with essential developer tools
  • Learn to develop highly interactive web and mobile applications
  • Acquire skills to integrate React with other technologies
  • Learn to create interactive and data-driven user interfaces
  • Learn to render React on server
  • Opportunity to get involved in the strong community of React developers
  • Career opportunity as front-end developer and so on

While companies are competing to impress users by appealing online presence, ReactJS course is undoubtedly one of the best training courses to learn outstanding front-end development. Therefore, Broadway Infosys Nepal welcomes interested candidates to learn professional ReactJS course from experienced instructors. We provide special discounts to early birds. You can contact us anytime or directly reach out to our office location and secure your seat for upcoming ReactJS training session at Broadway.

Benefits of ReactJS training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • One of the leading IT training institutes in Nepal
  • Certified ReactJS Instructors
  • Resourceful training labs
  • Facilitation for getting connected with React developers’ community
  • Internship and job placement opportunity as professional React Developer
  • Availability of online training for busy professionals
  • Customized React courses available
  • Project work after completion of training



You should be familiar with front-end web application development using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to learn ReactJS programming. Also, general understanding of web forms, web accessibility standards, Unix/Linux command line basics, Git and Github are preferable.

Courses Outline :- The Complete React Web Developer Course
  • Welcome & Asking Good Questions
  • "Why should I learn React?"
  • Section Intro: Setting up Your Environment
  • Installing Visual Studio Code
  • Installing Node.js & Yarn
  • Section Intro: Hello React
  • Setting up a Web Server
  • Hello React
  • Setting up Babel
  • Exploring JSX
  • JSX Expressions
  • Conditional Rendering in JSX
  • ES6 Aside: const and let
  • ES6 Aside: Arrow Functions
  • ES6 Aside: Arrow Functions Part II
  • Events and Attributes
  • Manual Data Binding
  • Forms and Inputs
  • Arrays in JSX
  • Picking an Option
  • Build It: Visibility Toggle
  • Section Intro: React Components
  • Thinking in React
  • ES6 Classes: Part I
  • ES6 Classes: Part II
  • Creating a React Component
  • Nesting Components
  • Component Props
  • Events & Methods
  • Method Binding
  • What Is Component State?
  • Adding State to Counter App: Part I
  • Adding State to Counter App: Part II
  • Alternative setState Syntax
  • Build It: Adding State to Visibility Toggle
  • Indecision State: Part I
  • Indecision State: Part II
  • Summary: Props vs. State
  • Section Intro: Stateless Functional Components
  • The Stateless Functional Component
  • Default Prop Values
  • React Dev Tools
  • Removing Individual Options
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • Saving and Loading Options Data
  • Saving and Loading the Count
  • Section Intro: Webpack
  • What Is Webpack?
  • Avoid Global Modules
  • Installing & Configuring Webpack
  • ES6 import/export
  • Default Exports
  • Importing npm Modules
  • Setting up Babel with Webpack
  • One Component per File
  • Source Maps with Webpack
  • Webpack Dev Server
  • ES6 class properties
  • Section Intro: React Router
  • Server vs. Client Routing
  • Setting Up Expensify
  • React-Router 101
  • Setting up a 404
  • Linking Between Routes
  • Organizing Our Routes
  • Query Strings and URL Parameters
  • Build It: Router for Portfolio Site
  • Introduction
  • Real-World Usage
  • State Management
  • Actions and Action Creators
  • Reducer
React Router + Redux Form
Firebase with Redux
Final Project (SPA)

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22nd Jul, 2018 Sunday
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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