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Duration: 1.5 Months ( 68 Hrs. )
Career: React Developer
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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ReactJS Training in Nepal

React, a well-known JavaScript library, is used to build complex and scalable web apps, and advanced React web development training from Broadway Infosys is a thorough course that equips learners with those skills and knowledge. Advanced subjects like server-side rendering, code splitting, performance optimization, state management, and testing are covered in the course.

Participants get knowledge on how to create web apps that are quick, flexible, and simple to maintain. The training is delivered by skilled experts in the industry and offers practical learning through real-world projects.

Thus, we have designed professional ReactJS training course that guides the developers to build front-end applications with less time and effort. After completing the course, participants will be well-equipped to seek a job as a React developer or advance their current web development skills.


Why an Advanced React Web Development Training Course?

  • React is a popular JavaScript toolkit that is increasingly being utilized by businesses to construct complex online applications, creating a high demand for React developers.

  • We have experts with vast experience in creating web applications using React instructing the advanced React web development training courses in Nepal. They ensure that students are taught the most recent methods and procedures used in the field.

  • The Advanced React Web Development Training Course in Nepal by Broadway Infosys offers practical instruction through case studies and real-world projects. This gives participants the chance to apply their newly learned skills and knowledge to real-world scenarios, which is essential for developing a solid portfolio.

  • Broadway Infosys Nepal’s cost of advanced React web development training is reasonable.

  • The tech sector in Nepal is expanding quickly, and organizations need talented React developers to help them create cutting-edge, scalable online applications. You may be prepared to take advantage of these chances and contribute to Nepal's digital environment by enrolling in an advanced React web development training course.

  • Join a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about digital marketing and want to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Online training is available for busy and distant professionals and students.

  • Participants will receive a certificate once the course is finished, which they may use to show prospective employers or customers their skills and knowledge.

Career Option

React is a well-known and widely-used JavaScript toolkit for developing advanced web applications; therefore, the job potential for those who complete advanced React web development training is very good. Depending on their interests and abilities, participants can use this program to pursue careers as React developers, front-end developers, or full-stack developers. Globally, there is a great demand for React developers who can work in a variety of fields including e-commerce, banking, healthcare, and technology.

The tech sector in Nepal is expanding quickly, and businesses are looking for qualified React developers to create cutting-edge and scalable online applications. As a result, finishing an advanced React web development training course in Nepal might put a person in a position to benefit from the expanding employment opportunities in this area.

Advanced React Web Development Training - Outlines
    Web application development using Reactjs and Redux training
  • Introduction

    • The objective of this training
    • Present scenario/Scopes of this technology.
    • Environment setup
    • Node and npm
    • Vscode
  • Overview of Javascript

    • Brief History of Javascript
    • Variables
    • Operator and Operands
    • Conditionals and Iterations
    • Data types and coercion
    • A brief introduction to data structures like stack, queues, array, and objects
    • Debugging a JS code
    • JS naming conventions
    • A brief introduction to javascript functions and classes


  • EcmaScript and modern javascript

    • Need of ES language specification
    • Understanding of transpilers and polyfills
    • CommonJs vs ES modules
    • Deep guide to modern ES6+ features
  • JS- under the hood

    • Hoisting
    • Block/Global/Local Scopes and Temporal Dead Zones
    • Scopes and Closures
    • Prototypes
    • Asynchronous javascript and WebAPIs usages
    • Global execution context
    • Event loops


  • Functions

    • Arguments and Parameters
    • Functions declaration and execution
    • Pure and Impure Functions
    • ES6 arrow functions
    • IIFE and anonymous functions
    • Callback functions
    • Higher Order Functions
  • Github

    • Introduction to version control and usage
    • Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab
    • Initializing and cloning git projects
    • Git commit/push
    • Branches and Pull Requests
    • Standard practices for naming GitHub branches
    • Github exercises: Collaborating in the same repo and handling merge conflicts live.
  • Overview of React

    • Understanding react as a library and its ecosystem
    • Difference between libraries and frameworks
    • Setting up react with CDN without using any frameworks
    • A brief overview of how react library can be used in web frameworks such as create- react-app, Gatsby, next.js, etc and mobile frameworks like react-native
    • Introduction to react components, folder structure, and architecture
    • Functional and Class based Components in react
    • React Component Lifecycle Methods
    • Styling a react component
    • Introduction to SPAs
    • Virtual DOM in react
  • Getting started with react fundamentals

    • State
    • State exercise: Build a like button, counter apps, etc using react state and useState hooks
    • Props
    • Props exercise: pass data from parents to child, child to parent, and from one child to its siblings
    • Refs
    • Refs exercise: Targeting a particular DOM, scrolling to a particular DOM, autofocusing an input filed programmatically, etc using useRef hooks
    • Higher-Order Components
    • HOC exercise: Building reusable components using Recompose
  • React Router

    • Introduction
    • Setup react-router to handle routes
    • Server-side rendering vs Client-side Rendering
    • Protected and nested routes
  • React Forms

    • Basics of react forms and handling various types of form fields and events
    • Client-side form validation
    • Advanced form handling with Formik and schema validators like Yup or regex

    • Understanding of REST API
    • HTTP methods and protocols
    • Understanding of Fetch API, axios, and interceptors

    • Introduction to Next.js and its benefits.
    • Intro to nextjs page router and app router
    • Creating API endpoints with Next.js.
    • Understanding of Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG) with nextjs
    • Fetching data from API routes.
    • Integrating API routes into a Next.js app.
    • Implementing user authentication and handling cookies storages.
    • Handling user sessions and access control.
    • Introduction to serverless functions in Next.js.
    • Implementing OAuth-based authentication (e.g., using OAuth providers like Google, Facebook, or GitHub).
  • Redux

    • Flux Architecture
    • State management using Redux
    • Reducers
    • Action Creators and action types
    • Using redux middleware libraries such as sagas, thunks, and Rxjs to handle asynchronous side effects
    • Using redux logger middlewares and redux dev tools to track state changes
    • Using redux persist to handle storage in the react application

    • Understanding of GraphQL
    • Understanding of data under-fetching and over-fetching
    • Query, arguments, and mutation
    • Variables in graphql
    • Graphql fragments
    • Setting up client side graphql in react with Apollo
  • WebSockets

    • Introduction to real-time web socket communication
    • Socket io client setup in react
    • Getting connected to sockets and disconnecting a web socket
    • Emitting data and retrieving data to and from a connected socket
  • Test Driven Development with React

    • Overview of various types of software testing
    • Introduction to Unit testing a web application
    • Setting up Jest
    • UI testing, writing tests for mocked APIs
    • Code coverage with jest
  • React Performance

    • Understanding of how a react component renders and re-renders
    • An in-depth guide to memoization in react and using performance optimization hooks such as useMemo and useCallback
    • Guide to using dev tools and react Profiler
    • Lazy loading and code splitting
    • Setting up webpack configs, compressing the react app build size
  • Projects

    • Online Reservation System
    • E-commerce Website
    • Project Management System
    • Online Inventory
    • Real time Ride Sharing Application
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28 Jul 2024 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM

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