React Native and Redux Training

React Native and Redux Training

Duration: 2 Months Career Option: React Native Developer

We also offer online classes for trainees who cannot attend the classes physically

React Native and Redux Training

React Native training course helps you develop native apps on Android and iOS platforms and enhances your web development skills. Broadway offers world-class React Native training in Nepal to guide aspiring app developers build cross-platform mobile apps without having prior knowledge of Swift, Objective C, and Java. Mostly, the students and app development professionals passionate about emerging technologies are the prime audience of React Native course.

As an emerging technology adopted by Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB etc., React Native framework has become a popular choice among app developers because of its flexibility and efficiency. Thus, we provide career-oriented React Native training to make students familiar with React Native development techniques from the qualified and experienced React Native developers. After the training, the students can start their career in cross-platform mobile apps development.

Benefits of React Native Training

This course offers a multitude of benefits to anyone aspiring to excel in apps development career. The candidates joining React Native framework course have following benefits:

  • Learn to develop native apps with the combination of React and JavaScript
  • Deeper understanding of React Native and its implications in app development
  • Learn to build cross-platform mobile apps on a single programming language
  • Learn to publish React Native apps on Play Store and Apps Store
  • Develop expertise to build responsive designs that adjust with different device sizes
  • Become an “Android and iOS developer” without knowledge of Swift, Objective C and Java
  • Learn to develop dynamic user interfaces for both web and native platforms
  • Career opportunity as React Native developer, mobile apps developer

If you are interested to take this course please contact our team via our website, Facebook page or directly visit us. Enroll for our upcoming session of React Native training and learn this fantastic course for aspiring mobile app developers.

Benefits of React Native Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • Experienced React Native developers as instructors
  • Resourceful training labs for learning React Native course
  • Regular practice sessions to test knowledge and skills of React Native
  • Internship and job placement at companies working in emerging technologies
  • Project work under the supervision of instructors
  • Special discount and offers for deserving candidates
  • Free career counseling at the end of the training session
  • Online React Native training available

Pre-requisites for React Native and Redux Training

It is relatively easier for students with basic knowledge of JavaScript and React to take this course. However, no prior knowledge of Objective C or Java is required.

Courses Outline :- React Native and Redux Training
  • Objective of React Native Training
  • Overview of Android and IOS App development Using React Native.
  • Installing Node, React-Native-CLI
  • Installing Watchman
  • Demo Project Setup
  • Deployment on Emulator
  • Deployment Mobile
  • Brief Introduction of React and React Native
  • Hello React Native
  • Constants
  • Scoping
  • Arrow Functions
  • Parameter Handling
  • String Literals
  • Enhancing Object Properties
  • Destructuring
  • Importing / Exporting Modules
  • Classes
  • Map/Set
  • Promises
  • Overview of React Components
  • States
  • Props
  • Lifecycle of React Native Components
  • Flux Architecture
  • State management using Redux
  • Layout Handling and Flexbox
  • Text Views
  • Text Inputs
  • Buttons
  • Working with Images
  • Handling List Views
  • Web View
  • Slider View
  • Progress Bar View
  • Handling Screen touch
  • Working with other Views
  • Styling Components
  • Writing Platform Specific Code
  • React Navigation
  • React Animations
  • Handling App Accessibility
  • Setting Timers
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Upgrading
  • Callbacks
  • Promises
  • Introduction to HTTP Requests
  • Sending and Receiving Data using Rest API endpoints
  • Native Modules Development
  • Native UI component Development
  • Developing apps (Android, IOS) using React Native
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  • React Native and Redux Training
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