Ruckus Wireless Training

Ruckus Wireless Training in Nepal

Ruckus Wireless Training

Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Ruckus Wireless Training in Nepal

Broadway Infosys provides top of the notch Ruckus course and ensures that the trainees are more than capable of handling the real life working environment once they have completed the course. The course is designed in a way that focusses more on practicality rather than pure theory.

Become a part of Broadway Infosys and observe the unique way we impart knowledge on our trainees!


Benefits of Ruckus Wireless Training in Nepal

Following are the benefits that can be reaped after taking the ruckus training in Nepal:

  • High chances of interning or working for multi national companies
  • Demands from high-end companies and organizations
  • Chance to express yourself in a competitive environment

Benefits of Ruckus Wireless Training in Broadway Infosys 

  • Chances to interact with field experts
  • Full-fledged classroom with necessary facilities like Wi-Fi
  • Job or internship facilities for outstanding trainees

Ruckus Wireless Training in Nepal - Outlines
  • Below are the Course layout for the ruckus training:-

    • Introduction to the Wireless
    • Wi-Fi Essentials
    • LAN-WLAN Fundamentals
    • Introduction to the Ruckus and ruckus products.
    • Installation and configuration of Ruckus AP
    • Basic ZoneDirector Controller installation and configuration.
    • Firewall and Filtering in the Zone Director
    • Hotspot and Guest Wi-Fi configuration
    • Enterprise Wi-Fi through Windows AD authentication
    • Basic Wi-Fi Site Survey

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