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Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training in Nepal

Soft Skills Courses in Nepal

Updated on: 11th Jun, 2018

Soft skills mean the blend of interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, creativity and professional skills of any individual. The growing popularity of soft skills learning among individuals from various walks of life has further proved that possessing hard skills/technical skills alone is not enough to succeed in life-be it in academia, work career, personal relationships or in any domain of life. Soft skills add social value to any business operations as the organizations have become more social these days.

However, there are soft skills gaps among most of the employees in this ever competitive business world even though they are technically sound in their work. Soft skills have often been overlooked in job market as most of the employers are focused on technical skill sets only. This has resulted in high employee turnover and increase in operational costs of organizations. Further, lack of realization of significant impacts of soft skills in the workplace has become costlier for businesses as a result of not being able to recognize the candidates with excellent soft skills.

The failure of employees to address complex work situation with matureness, self-control and team-work has alarmed the organizations to find ways to enhance employees’ soft skills so that they capitalize on specific skills in carrying out specific tasks. Lack of positive attitude among employees and managers has also hampered the essence of healthy work environment. Therefore, the soft skills training aim to address such problems faced by today’s organization and employees and enhancing overall individual and organizational performance.

Objectives of Soft Skills Training

The training on soft skills has specific objectives around which the course has been designed. The trainees need to understand these objectives before they pursue soft skills training. The objectives of soft skills training are:

  • To make trainees familiar with effective communication, teamwork, problem solving skills, creative thinking and work ethics
  • To develop leadership qualities of individual
  • To develop personal skills of an individual such as stress management, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, competitiveness etc.
  • To develop interpersonal skills such as networking, disputes resolution, personal branding and so on
  • To produce skilled professionals that fit perfectly to soft skill sets specified by the job market

Benefits of soft skills training

  • Development of leadership qualities
  • Trainees could turn themselves into an influential communicator
  • Increased time management skills
  • Enhanced Presentation skills
  • Increase in Creative Thinking ability of individuals
  • Networking and Relationship building skills
  • Enhanced adaptability to complex work situations

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