Sophos Firewall Training

Learning Sophos Firewall Including VPN, NAT

Duration: 1 Week ( 10 Hrs. )
Career: Firewall Expert
Training Mode: Both, Physical & Live Online Classes
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Sophos Firewall Training in Nepal

Firewall is an important shield in the modern websites. With the full application of this firewall, there are very less chances of having cyber security breach. This training in addressed to Cyber Security enthusiasts who want to create a career in this very field. With practical training and constant practice, the course has been designed in such a way that even beginners will be able to perform well in this course.

After the completion of Sophos Firewall Training, the candidate will be able to introduce, follow-thorough and make an instant impact in the Cyber Security field.

Note: Knowledge of networking will be a huge plus in order to take this course.


Benefits of Sophos Firewall Training

Cyber Security is a sensitive topic these days and people are always looking for opportunities to prove themselves in this field. Here are the benefits of taking the Sophos Firewall Training:

  • The professionals of Sophos Firewall Training are always in demand
  • Chances to learn and work for well-established companies
  • Acquire skills to integrate the scope of Sophos Firewall Training
  • Learn to use the tools that are prevalent in the modern IT Security world
  • Become familiar with essential an important Cyber Security tools

Benefits of Sophos Firewall Training at Broadway Infosys

Broadway Infosys offers a short but very important course for interested candidates who are keen on taking the Sophos Firewall Training. Here are the benefits of taking Sophos Firewall Training at Broadway Infosys:

  • One of the leading IT Training Institutes in Nepal
  • Certified and well-experienced Sophos Firewall instructor
  • Resourceful and well-equipped training labs
  • Chances to meet experts who will share their experiences
  • Customized Sophos Firewall Training syllabus
  • Project based on real-time Sophos Firewall Training

Sophos Firewall Training in Nepal - Outlines
    Course Content: Sophos Firewall Training
  • Sophos Firewall

    • Types of firewall
    • Stateful and Stateless
    • Forwarding Proxy and Reverse Proxy
    • NAT
    • VPN
    • Sophos Firewall Overview
    • Sophos Web Protection
    • Sophos Application Control
    • Sophos Email Protection
    • Sophos site to site connection
    • Sophos Remote Access
    • Sophos Logging and Reporting
    • Sophos Troubleshooting
    • Sophos Device Recovery
    • Sophos Central and central management

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