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stata training in kathmandu, nepal

Stata Training in Nepal

Stata Courses in Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 1 Month Career Option: Data Analyst

STATA Training in Nepal

With the increasing scope and importance of data management the knowledge of integrated statistical tool tools like Stata has become essential more than ever. Broadway offers Stata training in Nepal to the students who wish to learn about effective data management, data analysis and graphics. Stata training has been designed for researchers, data enthusiasts, statisticians, economists and anyone interested to learn smart and efficient data analysis. Anyone with interest to learn Stata yet not having prior experience of using software are highly encouraged to join this course.

Stata Training Course Highlights:

  • Understanding basic concepts of Stata
  • Learning in details the core features and capabilities of Strata
  • Getting familiarity with datasets management in Strata
  • Learning data management, data analysis and graphics fundamentals
  • Understanding real life implications of Stata for data analysis
  • Regular practical exercises
  • Project work

Benefits of Stata Training at Broadway Infosys Nepal

  • Experienced professionals as Stata instructors
  • Exposure to professional implications of Stata skills
  • Interactive sessions to expand Stata knowledge
  • Availability of customized courses
  • Facilitation for certification
  • Reasonable and affordable cost
  • Special discounts for deserving students
  • Online classes available for students not able to physically attend classes
  • Networking opportunities with researchers, data enthusiasts, statisticians and so on

Further, Broadway facilitates the students in suitable internships and job placement opportunities after the successful completion of training. Our network with several research based organizations and data management focused companies is the key to our students’ placement. Please feel free to connect us via our website, social media or directly visit us. We want to make sure you secure your seats at the earliest for our upcoming Stata training session.


Courses Outline :- Stata Training in Nepal

Stata basics

  • Tour of the Stata 14 interface
  • Quick help
  • PDF documentation
  • Example datasets included with Stata
  • Loading, saving, importing, and exporting data
  • Importing FRED (Import Federal Reserve Economic Data)
  • Copy/paste data from Excel into Stata
  • Importing Excel data into Stata
  • Saving estimation results to Excel
  • Importing delimited data
  • Changing and renaming variables
  • Converting a string variable to a numeric variable
  • Converting categorical string variables to labeled numeric variables
  • Creating a categorical variable from a continuous variable
  • Converting missing value codes to missing values
  • Combining data
  • Merging files into a single dataset
  • Appending files into a single dataset
  • Creating and dropping variables
  • Creating a new variable that is calculated from other variables
  • Identifying and replace unusual data values
  • Creating a date variable from a date stored as a string
  • Optimizing the storage of variables
  • Rounding a continuous variable
  • Stata's Expression Builder
  • Examining data
  • Identifying and remove duplicate observations
  • Labeling, display formats, and notes
  • Labeling variables
  • Labeling the values of categorical variables
  • Changing the display format of a variable
  • Adding notes to a variable
  • Reshaping datasets
  • Reshaping data from wide format to long format
  • Reshaping data from long format to wide format
  • Strings
  • Unicode
  • Transparency in Stata graphs
  • Bar graphs
  • Box plots
  • Contour plots
  • Histograms
  • Pie charts
  • Basic scatterplots
  • Stata's Expression Builder
  • Creating PDF reports from within Stata
  • Creating Word documents from within Stata
  • Logistic regression in Stata, part 1: Binary predictors
  • Logistic regression in Stata, part 2: Continuous predictors
  • Logistic regression in Stata, part 3: Factor variables
  • Regression models for fractional data
  • Logit and Probit Models
  • One-sample t-test
  • t-test for two paired samples
  • t-test for two independent samples
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Tables and cross-tabulations
  • Combining cross-tabulations and descriptive
  • Pearson’s chi2 and Fisher’s exact test
  • One-way ANOVA
  • Two-way ANOVA
  • Analysis of covariance
  • Simple linear regression
  • Pearson’s correlation coefficient
  • An introduction to power and sample size
  • Sample-size calculation for comparing a sample mean to a reference value
  • Sample-size/power calculation for comparing a sample proportion to a reference value
  • Sample-size/power calculation for comparing sample means from two paired samples
  • Sample-size/power calculation for one-way analysis of variance
  • Cross-tabulations and chi-squared tests calculator
  • One-sample t-tests calculator
  • Two-sample t-tests calculator
  • Incidence-rate ratios calculator
  • Odds-ratios calculator
  • Risk-ratios calculator
  • An introduction to the analysis of complex survey data
  • Specifying the design of your survey data
  • Multilevel models for survey data
  • Survey data support for SEM.
  • Interval-censored survival models
  • Set up your data for survival analysis
  • Describe and summarize survival data
  • Construct life tables
  • Calculate incidence rates and incidence-rate ratios
  • Graph survival curves
  • Formatting and managing dates
  • Time-series operators
  • Correlograms and partial correlograms
  • Line graphs and tin()
25th Aug, 2019 Sunday
6:30AM - 8:00AM
26th Aug, 2019 Monday
6:00PM - 7:30PM

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