Mr. Saugat Shahi

MERN Stack Development Training 16 June, 2023

Broadway Infosys is the best academy for hard-working students who want to sharpen their skills to make a good start in their IT careers. The teachers here are experts in their core subject matter & are highly experienced professionals. So, students can get quality professional education at an affordable cost. The teachers are really hard-working & keep updating themselves time by time to provide knowledge based on the latest technology. The MERN STACK course at Broadway Infosys was excellent! The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the curriculum was well-structured and comprehensive. When combined, the MERN stack provides a full-stack JavaScript solution for developing modern web applications. MongoDB stores the data, Express.js handles the server-side logic, React.js manages the user interface, and Node.js acts as the runtime environment. This stack is popular among students and developers due to its simplicity, flexibility, and ability to build high-quality applications using a single language throughout the stack. I am grateful for the knowledge gained and believe future students will benefit greatly from this outstanding Infosys. Thank you so much to the Broadway family and specifically thanks to the respected Mr. Kaylin Khanal sir and Business Development Director of Broadway Infosys.